We have a treat for y’all! 🍦 This episode is like a whole season of everything you love about Hang Up recorded in front of a live audience at On Air Fest in Brooklyn, New York. ✨

Our Star Tuck Woodstock from the Gender Reveal podcast will date multiple callers and eliminate them one by one, ☎️ until one Caller remains. Tuck's Callers try to seduce him with their knock knock jokes and karaoke songs. 🎤

And in the end, there’s a twist! 🌀


Hey it’s Caitlin Pierce, Hang Up’s creator and producer. Our team is currently working hard on Season Two— and in the meantime, wanted to share this treat with y’all— Call for a Good Time featuring Tuck Woodstock.

It’s a special live show from On Air Fest in Brooklyn, New York… Think of it like a whole season of everything you love about Hang Up, all in one episode, recorded in front of a live audience.

Andrew: I love like making out, I think making out is underrated.

AJ: So when I’m not stunt doubling for Timothee Chalamet or The Rock

Tuck: Incredible range.

Tuck: Oh no. Not this music cue.

Zakiya: You know what that music cue means!

One star will date multiple callers and eliminate them one by one, until one caller is left. And it wouldn’t be Hang Up without a twist…

Tuck I love this. This is a really good twist.

This episode’s star is Tuck Woodstock.

Tuck: I’m banned from Tinder.

Tuck is brilliant and hilarious and does a million things— one of those is hosting a podcast about trans people called Gender Reveal.

In this episode, Tuck's looking for a date with four Callers who try to seduce him with their knock knock jokes and karaoke songs.

Tuck I mean, Taylor Swift wishes she could eat like that.

And at the end of the episode, we’ll also share an update and preview of our next season. Stay on the line!


Announcer Next up, we have Hang Up with Zakiya Gibbons and producer Caitlin Pierce. Let's do it.

Zakiya Welcome to Hang Up, a reality dating show with no rings attached. I'm your host Zakiya Gibbons. So today we're doing a special live speed dating version of Hang Up based on our podcast, where one star is matched with six callers. They date exclusively over the phone, sight unseen, competing to win the star's heart through themed dates until one final caller remains and that person gets to choose their prize: either an all expenses paid vacation with the star, or walk away from the star and take a cash prize instead. This evening we have our star, who y'all will meet in a minute, and we've matched them with four callers to speed date right here on stage. Let's bring our callers in now. Come on in, callers. Yes, we have Andrew, AJ, Adrian and Niyah and Hang Up's creator and producer Caitlin. The star will gauge their compatibility with the callers through rounds of voice only challenges. As you can see, there's a divider on the stage that will separate the star from the callers so they never see each other. May. After each challenge, the star will choose one caller to hang up on, eliminating them from the show. And the final caller wins a prize, drink tickets to Bar Blondeau for a date immediately after the show. Whose call will ring through? Whose call will be declined? Find out right now on Hang Up. Okay. Are y'all ready to meet our star?

Audience Yes!

Zakiya Okay. Callers. Are you ready to get this party started?

Callers Yeah. Yeah.

Zakiya Yeah. Okay, let's have our Star join us on stage. Tuck, come on in. Hello to our fabulous star. You look so hot. I'm loving the earring.

Tuck Thank you so much.

Zakiya Thank you so much for being here. Okay, so there's a divider on stage separating you from the four callers you are about to date. Have you ever been on a blind date?

Tuck I think the closest thing to a blind date that I've been on is that there was someone in New York that I was having sex with semi-regularly, and she was like, I'm gonna also give you, a suggestion of my coworker that you could also have sex with.

Zakiya I love that.

Tuck And it worked out great. And we do have sex sometimes. So, like, thank you to her, that's mutual aid.

Zakiya Wow. Incredible. Okay. Okay. So you're here looking for a new connection. So of all the methods, why did you choose to be on a reality dating show to meet someone?

Tuck Well, I'm banned from Tinder.

Zakiya For real?

Tuck So I just, like, don't have that many other options, and, you know. No, I just I hate having to text strangers back. Also, it's really hard for me to even text my friends back, as is the case for most of us, I'm sure. And so the idea of having to remember to respond to a stranger about the most innocuous question of all time is really challenging for me. And so I prefer to just meet someone in the world, even if in the world means behind a series of curtains on a stage in Williamsburg.

Zakiya Okay, well, yeah, you've come to the right place because we have four sexy callers who will not be blowing up your phone to text unless you want that. Who are ready to chat with you IRL right behind this curtain. These callers want to get your number. So are you dialed in and ready to answer the call?

Tuck I'm ready to go.

Zakiya Yay! Okay, so each caller is going to pick up the line with their pickup line. Okay.

Niyah Hi, I'm Niyah. And my pickup line would be more casual. It wouldn't really be a pickup line, more of like something you're wearing. And I'd ask you about it and ask you to like. Like, what do you really like to wear other than that? Like, what else can I see you in?

Audience Oh.

Tuck Yeah, okay. I appreciate that because I never know how to respond to any pickup line, as you'll hear for the next three pickup lines. And I appreciate that there is an option for me to be like, oh, cool. Yeah. My friends are Alinda and Ayo designed this shirt together and just sort of swerve out of the hitting on me part into the recommending my friend's Etsy store part, so I appreciate that.

Zakiya Amazing.

Adrian Okay. Hi. My name is Adrian, and I was just wondering if you know how the security is at this hotel because I was hoping to steal your heart tonight. Yeah.

Tuck So they say to never commit to crimes on the internet. And I do feel like it includes podcasts. But I'll make an exception in this particular case. It's a good one.

AJ Hi, I'm AJ. I don't have a. Well, it's a pick up line, but more of a pick up skit, if that's okay.

Tuck Absolutely.

AJ Okay, so let me let me get into it. Hoot hoot hoot hoot. Knock, knock.

Tuck Who's there?

AJ Owl.

Tuck Owl who?

AJ Owl see you after this right?

Zakiya Oh my God, it's giving narrative. There's a plot.

Tuck Incredible to frame, a knock knock joke, a thing that has a clearly defined label as a skit. But thank you for performing your skit for me.

Andrew Okay. And, my name is Andrew. And, this one's for the audiophiles in the house. Are you a microphone made by the company Shure? Because I'd like to SM7b with you.

Tuck And that's knowing your audience baby. That's incredible.

Zakiya Wow. Okay. Thank you callers for those amazing pick up lines. Okay. Well, let the speed dating begin. All right. This first round of dates is called Show and Tell. I have one personal object from each of your callers. You're going to pick one, describe it, and then that caller will tell you why they chose to share it with you. So here are the the objects on this table. Which object is calling your name first?

Tuck All right, I'm going to go with these, big sort of cooking tong. What is this? What is this?

Zakiya I don't know, because they look too skinny. Audience, what is this?

Tuck When you when you work it on The Bear and you pick up a little herbs to put on the plating.

Zakiya It's giving The Bear like it's giving, like, culinary.

Tuck All of my parents work in restaurants, and I'm like, you know on the film The Bear. It's like this. Like, I don't know. Anyway. Okay. Yeah. This, this this thing, it makes this sound.

Zakiya Yeah. They they look like very large tweezers. Okay, so, Callers. Whose object is this? And why did you choose it?

Adrian Okay. Hi, this is Adrian again. That's my. Those are my pasta tongs.

Tuck Great.

Adrian They can be used to stir the pasta as it cooks, mix the pasta with the sauce, and then plate the pasta on the plate.

Tuck Okay, so plating.

Adrian Yes. So you're right on with The Bear. These were my pasta tongs while I worked in an Italian restaurant as the pasta cook, the pasta boy, as they called me. And. Yeah. So these are a very nice sentimental item to me. I no longer work in the restaurant industry, but they have lots of great memories from the time that I did. Also just generally represent my love of cooking, which is like a really big creative outlet for me. And it's still something that I enjoy, especially, as you mentioned, sort of that sort of detailed finesse is something that I do enjoy putting into my cooking. I kind of am a bit of an extra person and go a little bit over the top.

Tuck Great.

Zakiya Alright. What object do you want to grab next?

Tuck Next I'm going to grab this bike helmet that looks like it has a light. Yeah, that has a light attached to it.

Zakiya Okay. Safety. It's pink.

Andrew This is Andrew, and, let's see. You know, I bike pretty much everywhere. Because I live in an area of Queens that's a slightly long walk from the subway. And, I just I really love biking. I like the environment, but mostly I forgot to bring the other object. And then that’s what I had with me because I brought it here. But, you know, I'm still biking through the winter, so maybe that tells you something about me.

Tuck It does. Ingenuity. Yeah. Absolutely. Okay. Amazing. Next, I'm going to go to this book. Who's the book?

AJ Hi, AJ. Skit guy.

Tuck Thank you. I was going to make everyone tell me their which pickup line was theirs, but I got it. I'm learning.

AJ I'm ahead of the curve. I get it.

Tuck Thank you.

AJ So the book is a poetry book, and it's the first poetry book I ever received. And it sort of got me into writing. And so when I'm not, stunt doubling for Timothee Chalamet or the Rock.

Tuck Incredible range.

AJ I know, I know. I, I'm a writer, I'm a writer, that's my career. Yeah, but yeah, very personal. I got me into writing.

Tuck Amazing. And then we have last but not least, a Pentax bag that I assume has a camera in it, but sure looks like it. But I'm doing this with one hand while holding a microphone, so. Okay. Yes. Camera bag.

Niyah Yes. That's me, Niyah.

Tuck Hello.

Niyah Hi. So. Yeah, that's my Pentax baby. She's great. She she shoots both color and black and white film. 36 moments to get a really good shot. Point and shoot. I never know what I'm going to get. And honestly, I think it makes anything look really gorgeous. So usually I like to shoot people who are, like, not too photogenic and, like, show them after.

Tuck Perfect. This will work out great for me.

Niyah I just like to shoot people who wanna get a chance to just like, you know, see themselves in like a really beautiful light. So I bought a couple birthdays ago and I, you know, for 30 bucks, honestly, eBay get that shit. Ooh can I curse, is that OK?

Zakiya Okay. Yeah, you can curse.

Niyah Okay okay, we can curse. But, yeah, it's it's really sentimental to me.

Tuck Yeah. Great.

Zakiya Okay, so Tuck you've gotten a feel for each caller by fingering their special objects.

Tuck Oh no, not this music cue!

Zakiya You know what the music cue means. So which caller are you going to hang up?

Tuck I'm sorry. I'm going to fuck up this cue by asking you, can you tell me which name goes with which item again?

Zakiya Yeah. Okay. So the bike helmet was Andrew. The Bear tweezers were Adrian, the poetry book was AJ. And the camera was Niyah.

Tuck Your names are all the same. Holy shit.

Zakiya You could just choose that object and then I can say the name if you want.

Tuck Okay. See, this is really hard because I know exactly one thing about all of you, and they're all charming. I guess I am going to have to go with The Bear tweezer situation, but my reasoning is not that I don't think I'll like you. It's I don't think you'll like me because I'm vegan and you're going to hate that. So I'm just kind of letting you off so you don't have to deal with my dietary restrictions. But also, here's the thing about this show. We could just hang out later anyways, so if you are headed for a vegan pasta experience, I'm open to it.

Zakiya All right, Adrian, we're sorry your call was dropped, but before you go, come meet the star face to face. You can come around the curtain. Hi.

Tuck Sorry to immediately reject you and also not even deliver the line that I was asked to deliver five times by, saying the caller, but. Yeah. Do you know any vegan pasta recipes?

Adrian I have, yeah, I do a pappardelle with a braised beef ragu.

Tuck So the beef is. So the thing about vegan is...

Adrian I just. I'm just trying to help you feel better about it.

Tuck Thank you. I really appreciate it. No. Thank you so much for coming.

Zakiya Thank you so much, Adrian. You can take a seat on the other side. Thank you so much.

Tuck Man rejecting another transsexual right off the gate sucks.


Zakiya Okay, so for our second date, we're going out… to the karaoke bar. Each caller will sing a bit from their go-to karaoke song. So Tuck, what's more important to you? The song that they pick for their performance of it? Or a secret third thing?

Tuck Yeah. I mean, I think it's how hard you sell it, right? So, like, not the performances in like, you have to be hitting the notes but the performance and like are you giving?

Zakiya Okay so it's like, you better work bitch.

Tuck Yeah.

Zakiya Okay. Gotcha. All right. Well, let's find out which caller will be singing a duet with you and which caller's going solo. Who is up first?

Andrew So okay. My name is Andrew and I'm going to sing a song called Common People by Pulp. She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge. She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College. That's where I Caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded. I said, "In that case, I'll have rum and Coca-Cola." She said, "Fine." And then in thirty-seconds time, she said "I wanna live like common people. I wanna do whatever common people do. I wanna sleep with common people. I wanna sleep with common people like you." What else could I do? I said, "I'll... I'll see what I can do."

Zakiya Oh. Wow. Oh my gosh.

Tuck Okay. Stealing the show.

Zakiya Wow.

Tuck It's fun to watch the audience watch the performance. I'm like, triangulating a take based on that. It's great.

Zakiya Wow. The booming voice that. Yeah, that was giving.

Tuck It was giving.

Zakiya Okay, who is up next?

Niyah It's Niyah, and I'm going to be singing Alicia Keys “Secrets.” Time to shine, right? Lay your head on my pillow. Here you can be yourself. No one has to know what you are feeling. No one but me and you, ooh. What you saying? I won't tell your secrets. Shh. Your secrets are safe with me. Can’t do it alone. Your secrets, yes I will. Just think of me as the pages in your diary.

Zakiya Oh my God. Wow. Can I just say, I love how all the black femmes in the room just come together and sing the shit out of that song. I just had to say that. Okay. Who's next?

AJ Hi, AJ. I'm going to be singing Blank Space by the carbon emissions queen.

Tuck Go on.

AJ Nice to meet you. Where you been? I can show you incredible things. Magic, madness, heaven, sin. Saw you there and I said "Oh, my God, look at that face. You look like my next mistake. Love's a game, wanna play?" Ay. New money, suit and tie, I can read you like a magazine. Ain't it funny? Rumors fly. And I know you heard about me. So hey, let's be friends. I'm dying to see how this one ends. Grab your passport and my hand. Cause darling…So it's gonna be forever. Or it's gonna go down in flames. You can tell me when it's over, mm. If the high was worth the pain. Got a long list of ex-lovers. They'll tell you I'm insane. 'Cause you know I love the players. And you love the game…We'll take this way too far…Or with a nasty scar. Got a long list of ex-lovers. They'll tell you I'm insane… And I'll write your name.

Zakiya So, Tuck, what did you think? Are any of them singing your tune?

Tuck I mean, Taylor Swift wishes she could eat like that. You know what I mean?

Zakiya She wishes. She wishes. Okay, so, Tuck, I know this is a tough hang up because they really all were giving. So you're going to get some help from the audience. They're gonna-- Don't sound so upset. They're gonna applaud their favorite Caller. And the Caller with the least applause is who the audience thinks should get the hang up. I mean, obviously, we all know they're all fucking incredible.

Tuck See how you all like it having to hang up on someone.

Zakiya Dating is hard, you guys.

Tuck Okay, so, audience, are y'all ready to help Tuck out? Okay, well, let's hear applause for Andrew. Now let's hear some applause for Niyah. And let's hear some applause for AJ. Okay. Tuck. You've heard the opinion of the crowd, but now, it's up to you. Which Caller are you hanging up on?

Tuck So I feel good about this because I know that they've all successfully seduced all of you in the crowd. So I'm counting on one of you to take advantage of this. But unfortunately, the caller I have chosen to hang up on is… Niyah.

Audience Aw.

Tuck Yeah. You would have said that no matter what, though, is the thing. Because they're all good.

Zakiya That is true. They all are incredible.

Tuck It was a mistake, no matter what.

Zakiya Exactly. So Niyah we're sorry your call was dropped. But before you go come meet the Star face to face.

Tuck Hello! Sorry I am supposed to say this in the mic you look amazing anyway. For the record.

Zakiya Yeah. She does.

Tuck Yeah. Yeah. Thank you Niyah so much for that rendition that's gonna be stuck in my head all week. And I'm not mad at that. Thank you so much. All right you can take a seat over there. Wow. We've already arrived at our last date with our final two callers. We've covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time to gauge compatibility from flirting skills to music taste. But there's one special area that we haven't touched on yet. Pleasure and desire.

Tuck You all ready to make some pornography? Anyway.

Zakiya We have Pornhub cued up. So in this date, our callers will share something that turns them on. But first Tuck, what turns you on?

Tuck So I was thinking about this and it's watching someone do something really well that I cannot do really well. Which is why, you know, it was challenging at the beginning because everyone was kind of telling me about their skills. And I'm like, it sounds hard to be good at pasta, photography, etc. You know, it's hot to hear someone really sell a song on the other side of a curtain. I don't even like cars, but if someone can drive stick, it's, like, very attractive to me. You know? So I think that's what appeals to me is people who are good at stuff. Yeah.

Zakiya Oh, that's really hot. Just like competence. It's like ooh you can do things.

Tuck At like whatever, though, you know, like kind of anything.

Zakiya Okay. Well, let's have Andrew go first. Andrew, what turns you on?

Andrew Being really good at stuff.

Tuck Uh oh.

Andrew No. You know what? I'm really into, like, mouths. You know, I love, like, making out. I think making out is underrated. You know, just like kissing. Like real kissing rapport with somebody. I think it's, like, super important. You know, tongues and then the mouths, they can talk. They can say things. They can say sexy things at all kinds of different registers.

Tuck You're the microphone guy, Microphone guy? Totally. Yeah. I'm putting the pieces together.

Zakiya Oh, okay. AJ, what about you? What? What turns you on?

AJ Mine's. Mine's not that special. Yeah, I just, I like communication, like, I, I like trust and safety, like, like being with somebody that I feel like I can tell my, like, wants and needs to.

Tuck I just want to really relay for the listening audience of the future the thumbs down that came specifically from the gays in the back. Okay.

AJ I wanted to say something else, but honestly, at the end of the day, it's just like…

Tuck No, come on, what's the other one?

Zakiya Yeah.

AJ So I practice sex magic.

Tuck Uh Oh.

Zakiya Why didn't you lead with that?

Tuck Hey, can I call back like someone I've hung up on?

Zakiya Okay. Okay. What is sex magic? What is that?

AJ You know, *poof* clit, um but, sex magic is like, basically Tantra meets meditation and, like, transmutation and just being, like, very. What's it called? Getting the essence of the sexual energy of you and your partner to manifest and to make sure that, like, you guys feel, like, safer and more connected. You know, it's like, yeah, it's basically meditation, but all the fun, of you know, woo hoo! For any Sims people. But yeah that's me.

Zakiya Tuck. I see you making a face. What is this face?

Tuck I just feel like it was, like, all going so well.

Zakiya Well. Tuck you have two callers remaining.

Tuck Oh, no.

Zakiya Which caller are you going to hang up on for the last time?

Tuck Okay. So. And I can't ask any follow up questions about kind of who they are, what their deal is, anything about them? Okay. Sick. Okay. But we know one of them lives in Queens, so can I ask how where the other one lives, and we can kind of figure out who's closer?

Zakiya You know what? I will allow it.

Tuck Okay.

AJ I live in Brooklyn. Flatbush.

Tuck And now the question is, do I want the sex magic to be closer or farther away? Uh oh. Okay, this is really challenging, but I feel better knowing that I'll meet both of you immediately, and we'll kind of proceed to our real lives. So, the caller that I have chosen to hang up on is, oh god, Andrew.

Zakiya Andrew, I'm sorry you got to hang up, but come meet the Star. Andrew, I love this outfit. Can you describe what you're wearing?

Andrew I've got, like, a leopard print coat and leopard print shorts and then just a T-shirt and boots and boots. I got my blundstones on.

Tuck Oh, yeah. Did you bike in this outfit?

Andrew No.

Tuck Okay, great. It's winter. Yeah, it's. It's very cold.

Zakiya This is On Air Fest after dark. Yeah. Okay. Well, thank you so much for participating. You can take a seat over here.

Andrew Thank you.

Zakiya Well, Tuck. You have a caller waiting on the line, ready to be clicked over.

Tuck Can I just say something for the listeners of Hang Up?

Zakiya Yes.

Tuck Which is that I listened to the first season, and I was like, 'this girlie is making some wild, chaotic decisions that I would never make' from the comfort of my own home. And it turns out when you're on the show, you make a lot of really chaotic decisions, and then you kind of turn back and you go, uh oh. But I'm so excited.

Zakiya That is dating in a nutshell. All right. Well, it's time for you to meet AJ. All right. Okay. So we have opened the divider and now you two, Tuck and AJ, are meeting face to face.

Tuck Sorry to just drag you so much but you know.

Zakiya Okay. So congrats. AJ, what are y'all's first impressions of each other?

AJ I feel like we have like similar vibes, like the energy, like I love the glasses. Like I love the hat. Like I would wear this like I think I think we would take like nice photos together. We would all take nice photos together.

Zakiya Everyone is hot.

Tuck To be clear listener. We do have vaguely the same glasses, but I agree. Incredible shoes. Like a sort of cow print shoes situation. Incredible fit all around.

Zakiya Are those diamonds?

Tuck I feel really intimidated by your ability to do fashion, honestly. So, yeah, I feel good about it.

Zakiya Oh, okay. Well, before y'all leave here together. There's a twist.

Tuck Yeah.

AJ A twist, you say?

Zakiya You know, it's hang up. Y'all knew we had to have a twist on hang up. Yeah. Okay, so, like I said, the winning caller gets two drink tickets and a date, but I never said with who.

Tuck I love this. This is a really good twist. I actually didn't know it, so I'm very excited. Because, see, I thought it was going to be like or $1,000 like on the show and it's like, take it, bitch. Like, so yeah, this feels great.

Zakiya Okay, so, AJ, you can choose to either go on your date with Tuck. Or you can hang up on Tuck and choose a Caller to go with instead.

Tuck That's really strong.

AJ Oh my God.

Tuck And they didn't bully you on a podcast, so it's a really strong motivation. You know, happy to hang out. But also I would understand.

AJ Fuck, I have to make this decision now?

Zakiya Yeah so AJ. Yeah. Who do you want to take on your date?

AJ I think what I'll do. Is. I think I'll take a date.

Tuck It's hard, right?

AJ I think I'll take a date with Andrew.

Tuck That rules. That's so good.

Zakiya Oh my God. Oh! Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh, shit. I’m gagged.

Tuck Oh my gosh, I'm so happy for you. Concede with dignity. I just like I need on the record that the set was fully torn down by enthusiasm, and I could never hope to match that. And I'm just like, so thrilled.

Zakiya Andrew is literally tearing down barriers.

Tuck It's beautiful.

Zakiya Wow. I am gagged. Andrew, how are you feeling right now? I mean, I can tell.

Andrew They like me. They really like me.

Zakiya Oh my God. Okay, well, thanks to all of our Callers for participating tonight. Don't they look cute? Yay! Yay! Oh, my God, y'all look so hot together. Okay, I see there's a vibe already. Wow.

Tuck Imagine the karaoke duets that will happen. I'm feeling really good about it.

Zakiya Oh my God. Wow. This. And big thanks to our star Tuck, thank you so much.

Tuck Here's the thing, lowkey I have plans later. So this is beautiful.

Zakiya Tuck said I'm booked and busy. Okay, well, let's give Andrew and AJ some face time. Enjoy your date, y'all.

and we want to share a sneak peek of our next season.

Zakiya: Your favorite reality dating show is back

Star: Yes. Are you serious, though?

Zakiya: And this season… we’re going to New Mexico. Where things get *spicy*

Star: Flash me.

Caller: Dang check you out.

Caller: Slutty twink femmeboy.

Caller: I’m curious if you participate in kink.

Caller: This podcast is not gonna be on PBS…

Zakiya That's right. We're going to New Mexico. Season two drops in just a couple months on May 7th. Until then, stay on the line.

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