The Team

Zakiya Gibbons, Host and Story Editor

Zakiya is an award-winning podcast story editor, host, and writer based in Brooklyn. She has worked at Gimlet, WNYC, Audible, Crooked, and more. Zakiya is a co-founder of the POC in Audio Directory, a resource created to fight the lack of racial diversity in the audio industry. In 2019, Zakiya and her collaborators were recognized by Bitch Media as among the top 50 "most impactful creators, artists, and activists in pop culture" for their work in advocating for racial equity in audio. She loves talking to strangers, dancing to trap music, getting pummeled by waves, and going on adventures all over the world. She's obsessed with interrogating human behavior and culture through storytelling and conversation. She's a Synclaire sun, Regine moon, and Maxine rising.

Caitlin Pierce, Creator and Producer

Caitlin is an award-winning story editor, producer, and teacher based in Richmond, Virginia. Her work has appeared on Audible, WNYC's Death, Sex, & Money, KCRW's Bodies, BBC, CBC, NPR, and other acronyms. She is the instructor of Levels Up Academy and a founding member of the Rough Cut Collective.

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Ben Montoya, Story Editor, Mixer, and Sound Designer

Ben is a freelance podcast producer and engineer from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ben's produced shows for Conde Nast, Audible, Vox and Sonos as well as for small independent projects, universities and an NPR-affiliate radio station. They love podcasts of all kinds and have worked on shows across a wide variety of different formats including audio-first documentaries, celebrity interviews, pop culture chat casts and sound designed meditations. In addition to freelancing for various clients they're also an Audio Story Editor at NYU's American Journalism Online graduate program.

Music by Sandy

Show Art by Alex Teschel

Season 2 Art by Marquez Torres