One year later, Maxine, her Callers, and her brother come together in person for the first time to update us on their love lives and answer your most burning questions.


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Zakiya: Test test test, it’s on? Okay. Hello, everyone. Hi. Oh, my God. I'm feeling the love. Hello and welcome to Hang Up a reality dating show with no rings attached. I'm your host, Zakiya Gibbons. Oh, my God. Thank you. Oh, my God. Okay. And tonight, we're here for the reunion live in Richmond, Virginia. Yes. Okay. Okay, y'all. An entire year has gone by since we last checked in with our Star and her Callers. So it's a big night. We're going to hear from everyone about what they've been up to since the show. And we're going to answer all your burning questions. And y'all will meet our star, Maxine, in the flesh. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. And of course, that's not her real name. But to avoid confusion, we're going to stick with everyone's pseudonyms tonight. And as y’all know, Maxine dated her callers exclusively over the phone. So tonight, she and her Callers will be meeting in person for the very first time. And the callers are in the crowd among you. I know. I don't even know who they are. Are you standing next to Kai? Is Sasha to your right? I'll never tell. Just kidding. I will. And I will soon. After each round of dates, Maxine chose one Caller to hang up on and eliminate from the show. But at the end, the tables were turned. The final Caller got to choose their prize, take an all expenses paid vacation with Maxine, or hang up on her and take a cash prize instead. I know. And the final caller Sabo chose the vacation. Maxine and Sabo dated for a bit, but that all ended when Maxine got into a monogamous relationship. But they still decided to go on the vacation together as friends. We'll get an update on that and a lot more. But first things first. Let's meet our star Maxine!

Crowd: Maxine you fine as hell!

Zakiya: Right?

Maxine: Hi, everyone.

Zakiya: Oh, my God, Maxine. Thank you so much for being here.

Maxine: Thanks for having me. Very casual situation you created. I know.

Zakiya: This is so casual, so natural. Who doesn't do this every Friday? Okay, so before we jump in, I just want to say thank you to Maxine and all of the Callers. It's super vulnerable and hard to be on a show like this. So thank you for being generous enough to let the world listen to you date. I don't know if I could do it, so we're just so glad that you're here with us. Now, unfortunately, Sabo is unable to join us today as they are mourning a loss. You're in our thoughts, Sabo, sending you love. Okay. So, Maxine, what was it like for you listening to the show once it was out?

Maxine: Weird. It's I you know, I don't know how everyone else feels about, like, the sound of their own voice, but I've never been, like, a huge fan of mine. So this was a strange but exciting experience.

Zakiya: Anything else beyond the sound of your voice?

Maxine: It was interesting to kind of hear everything back because there were like things that I remembered really clearly and then some things where I was like, Oh boy. Like, that was fun. It was yeah, it was. It was fun in a way. I didn't I didn't feel as like, Oh my God, you're listening to yourself do this thing. And it was more like, this is like an enjoyable like, I’d hang out with her. Maybe. Would you guys. Would you guys hang out with me?

Crowd: Yeah.

Zakiya: Yeah. I was going to ask if listening back was how you remembered or if you heard things differently, listening back and if so, what was an example of, like, a difference?

Maxine: I think maybe there are, like, some things that I heard that I was like, oh, there was like a, a decision that was, like, pretty clear to me that Now I see that— I will do a specific reference, I guess the the Rafiki tattoo thing. Like, say more like when I heard that, I was like, Oh, no. And then I was like, No, but you've heard it before, presumably like a year ago. And you said that was fine. So, like.

Zakiya: That's a great example. That's so funny. Okay, so listeners are dying to know, are you still dating your boyfriend who we're calling Sam?

Maxine: I am. We live together.

Zakiya: Ohh, ehh.

Crowd: Is he here?

Maxine: He's not here.

Zakiya: Oh, okay. That's okay. Oh, okay. Well, okay, so. You and Sabo went on the vacation together as friends. What was that like for you?

Maxine: It was really fun. Sabo’s like a great hang as I anticipated, just like a super fun person to be around. We just, like, went and kicked it at the beach. We watched the, like, final episodes of that Love is Blind Season. I guess I was going to say with the psychos, but they're all like, but yeah, we watch like the after part of that together. And we showed Caitlin Hitch. Oh, she had never seen it, you guys. And it was great. It was a great time.

Zakiya: That sounds like a cute time. A cute and platonic time. Yeah.

Maxine: Cute and platonic.

Zakiya: Okay, so tell me, the night of a final hang up, you and Sabo had such strong chemistry. I know you all shared a fireworks kiss. That was 5 seconds long. Yes, I counted and it is scientific. And, you know, y'all dated for some weeks until you made the decision to be monogamous with Sam. So how did you and Sabo transition from dating to being platonic? And what was that conversation like?

Maxine: I just do want to say I don't want uh— Sabo and I didn't kiss the night of the the final episode. We kissed like a few, like a week or two later. Yeah. Is this making sound?

Crowd: Yes.

Maxine: All right, cool. I'm just checking. Okay. Yeah, we we hung out. We went on some dates. We hung out several times. It was always, like, super fun. But I had the final week of the podcast. I had started seeing Sam and it got like, just more serious than I anticipated. And so it just felt kind of like the natural course of things. Like I didn't feel like there was like this big like thing between Sabo and I, where it was like, oh, like this is like, this is really happening. It was like, no, this is a cool person that I like being around. And and then there was another person that I also like being around inside. I, I picked the, the other one.

Zakiya: Are you and Sabo still friends?

Maxine: Yeah, I talked to them today and, like, it's been fine. Like sending them little stuff about the podcast as it comes out. Like when I listened to the last episode, I texted them and I was like, I really listened, like enjoyed listening to Zakiya get in your ass about the kiss. Like, that was very fun. Yeah, we go like, back and forth. I like, I really like they keep like a very active Instagram, so it's nice to see all their adventures. I think that's really sweet.

Zakiya: Yes, Amazing. Okay, so we have some listener questions from the audience. Who is the first question? Oh, right. You over here. Hello.

Listener 1: Hi, Maxine, Hi Zakiya. You're both stars by the way.

Zakiya: Oh, my God. Thanks

Listener 1: Do you feel like the show portrayed you accurately?

Maxine: Um. Yeah, I think so. I think. Like judgmental and hopefully entertaining is like, I guess, kind of my brand. Oh, All right, cool. She was good with that. So I'm—

Zakiya: Yeah. Okay. So, Maxine, you've met the final two callers, Charlie and Sabo in person at the final hang up, but there are some callers you haven't met yet. And now is that time. Let's meet June, come on out June

Maxine: Yeah.

Zakiya: June. Yeah. Oh, my God. Hello, June.

June: Oh, God. Sorry. I already project so much. I should probably. Hold it like this.

Zakiya: Relatable.

June: Sorry.

Zakiya: No, you're perfect. Okay. So nice to meet you, too. Oh, my gosh. So excited to be here. I'm excited that you're here. Okay, so, June, we only heard a little bit from you, but so many people are Team June. Do you know this?

June: Caitlin's been sending me some updates. I've gotten some Instagram requests and comments. Somebody just said you should bring me back as the star, y'all. So.

Maxine: Oh, shit.

June: It's definitely heartwarming. Thank you all.

Zakiya: Yeah, I know. Some people even had a hashtag Justice for June.

June: Oh, my God. I had a hashtag.

Zakiya: I know. And everyone loved your exit interview, especially Maxine. So, Maxine, what were you thinking as you listened?

Maxine: I just think you sound cool and also, like, not super similar to me. So, like, I think that's very interesting to you that you just have, like, this whole viewpoint that I don't like. When you were talking about the kind of monogamy and like how you view relationships and stuff, it's just like not really how I look at it at all. And it was fascinating to hear. And like, just as anticipated, I figured that you were going to be like a cool and interesting person. And then, like, we spent some time learning that about you and that was nice. It was validating that I was correct.

June: You were.

Zakiya: So June you mentioned that, you know, you got some Instagram requests. Has anyone been sliding in your DMs?

June: No, I'm still a little bit too much of a divorced dad for that. Literally, when I was moving out of my apartment, I had like a singular air mattress on the floor. It was like, lived up to my to my vibes. But that is giving divorced dad. Okay. Sorry. Oops.

Zakiya: I love it. It's very relatable. We've all. We've all been there. Okay. So what have you been up to in the years since Hang up. Any update on your dating life?

June: No, not much. I don't have any, like, primary or nesting partners. I have some casual friends with benefits, but mostly just exploring like solo ENM right now because I have my new place and my two cats and we love our life and it's awesome.

Zakiya: Oh, that sounds beautiful. What are your cat's names?

June: Baby cat.

Zakiya: Okay.

Maxine: Solid.

June: And kitten.

Zakiya: Oh, my God. I love straightforward to the point. Okay, Well, Maxine, we know you're a big fan of comedy and know we know that you're a standup comedian.

June: I'm no Lisa Lampanelli. You so. And I'm certainly no Dave Chappelle. You know. Yikes.

Zakiya: You know. That's right. Well, I hear you've prepared a mini set to share with us tonight.

June: A little set. I have a little bit.

Maxine: Oh, shit.

Zakiya: Can we hear it?

June: Oh, absolutely.

Zakiya: You wouldn't mind standing at the blue table?

June: I do not mind. Sorry, Max. I'm going to eclipse you for a moment. Total eclipse of the heart. Hey, everyone. How are you tonight? I am so glad to be here with you all. I'm so honored to have been on this show. And I mean, it was the first time I've ever been first in my life being eliminated first. Come on. So. Okay, I guess that's actually not true. I was the like golden first child for a minute there when I moved here and started to do stand up. My dad like, told everyone. He was like, my kid's a stand up comedian in Richmond, Virginia. I had the street cred, so my older brother had to one up that by going and becoming a Green Beret. So now that's when my dad tells everybody I'm no longer the first. But the way that I see it is that, you know, my brother might be learning how to, like, deal with bombs, but I'm learning how to bomb on stage and not cry. So who's really the real hero here? That said, I have an appointment with a Navy recruiter on Monday, so wish me luck. Yeah, not really, but yeah. So I think part of that is because I have not known how to flirt well since first grade when I had a crush on Devin. You'll never know Devin's gender. And, you know, first grade for me, it was 2000. 2001. So the Backstreet Boys were still huge, right? So I knew Devin liked the Backstreet Boys. I’d go to Devin on the playground. I go, Hey, Devin. [sings] “Everybody. Yeah.” I pointed to my mouth and I serenaded Devin on the playground. This is why I am almost 30 and single. So that's what I got for you tonight, folks. Thanks for letting me talk through.

Zakiya: June, you're so funny.

June: Oh, shucks.

Zakiya: Thank you, June. Okay, so the next caller who got the hang up was Osprey, but unfortunately, they didn't want to be here tonight. But we get it, and we value consent. We love you, Osprey. Okay, so let's move on to our next caller. Come on up, Kai.

Crowd: Woo! Woo!

Kai: Howdy gang. How’s the whole crowd doing?

Zakiya: Oh my god Kai You're a charmer. Okay, So, Kai, you've mentioned that you've hit up a lot of Richmond bars and that there is a chance you may have crossed paths with bartender Maxine. So do you all recognize each other?

Maxine: No.

Kai No, no, not a shot at all.

Maxine: Cool, because I realized instantly I should not have said no first.

Kai: Me and my friends even had a game going on for a little bit of time where I was like, towards the end I was like, All right, hey, I will give, you know, $5 to anyone, all my friends. We're going to do a scavenger hunt this weekend. Anybody who can identify Maxine wins the prize. Everybody came home empty handed. Every single person.

Zakiya: That's probably for the best. That would be overwhelming. Okay, Kai, we have a listener question for you. Oh, yeah.

Listener 2 Hi. Kai.

Kai: Hi.

Listener 2: I just wanted to know. Have you finally made it somewhere international with your new passport?

Kai: Oh, I actually did. So last New Year's Eve, I actually did take an entire vacation with, like I said on the show, I'm a big family guy. I have a really close family, me, my brother, his wife, and actually somebody else. We ended up going to Canada and spent the entire New Year’s, after Christmas there. It's one of the most fun vacations I've ever taken, but ended up being a couples vacation, actually.

Maxine: Ooh.

Zakiya: Yeah. I feel like you're dropping major hints. Who was this other person that was on this vacation?

Kai: So funny story. My parents are the crowd. Give me a really awesome one to tell. But basically, my brother, I think I talked about this. I was the youngest child of four. I have two half brothers and I have one older brother who is seven years older than me. His name's Tucker. And I was what many people like to call an accident. But my parents say a happy surprise.

Zakiya: That’s what mine say too.

Kai: But anyways, my brother got married, and this awesome woman named Angie, which I knew my brother was in love with her from the minute he told me, because my mom's name is also Angie. So that's how I knew you must really, really like this girl. And I actually ended up at the wedding, meeting the maid of honor and having a little bit of a fling with the maid of honor.

Zakiya: Oh, my God. Yes.

Kai: So long story short, my now sister in law is a huge planner. She wanted to make a vacation out to Canada. And I was like, Hell, yeah, let's do a couple's vacation. Why not send it right into the relationship that way? So that was our first real big thing was a couple's vacation type of thing to Canada, international.

Maxine: The sexiest destination. Everybody knows.

June: I mean, look at Justin Trudeau.

Kai: Quebec City, the city of love. Um, but yeah, it was an awesome time. Great time, but it didn't work out between the two of us. I think it was a little bit of the age difference thing, we just we're in different places. She lived in Boston, I lived here in town, so it just it didn't work out. But everything's going well now.

Zakiya: That's still so beautiful. And it does sound like it worked out cause you had such, like a fun adventure and you're such an adventurous person.

Kai: Yeah, it was awesome.

Zakiya: Oh, amazing. Okay, so, Kai, we have a surprise for you.

Kai: I don't like surprises, but I also love them.

Zakiya: Okay. Okay. Well, one of your biggest fans is here. Can you guess who? It's not your mom.

Maxine: That was my guess.

Zakiya: I know your family's a big fan of yours, and you're a big fan of them, but it's not. It's not them.

Kai: I have no idea. And I guess I was hoping it was her.

Zakiya: Well, it's Maxine's big brother, Marcus.

Kai: Is it you? I was like, looking at the crowd and I was like, I really hope that’s you. On my side from the beginning. Yeah, literally from day one. Obviously from day one.

Zakiya Yeah, please share. Okay. Oh, my gosh. That was so cute. So y'all just did one of those bro slap handshake thingy? I don't know y’all call it.

Kai: I'm embarrassed. I get it.

Zakiya: But I repeat, say the love is so real. What's it like for you all to me right now?

Kai: I really feel like this was the only guy in my corner right now, and he's here. This is like my. I'm Rocky and this is Pat there just telling them and, you know, stay in there, you know? Well, rope a dope em a little bit.

Zakiya: Oh, yeah. Oh, my gosh. Well, yeah. Thank you for joining us up here, Marcus.

Marcus: You're welcome.

Zakiya: Okay, Marcus, we actually have a listener question for you.

Marcus: Okay.

Zakiya: Yes. Who asks the question or Marcus question? Oh, here we are.

Marcus: You're outsourcing the question, huh?

Zakiya: Okay, don't do that.

Marcus: That's cool. I like that.

Listener 3: Hi, Marcus.

Marcus: Hey, there.

Listener 3: Do you feel your advice changed what Maxine was going to do?

Marcus: Uh, well, based on the episode no, becauseI don't think she wanted my advice. At all. Now I had Kai number one, she didn’t go with Kai. Much to my chagrin. But I think I think she did the right thing. Turned out well.

Zakiya: Damn, you’re gonna say that right next to Kai?

Marcus: I'm sorry Kai, I forgot about the Kai of it all. I got too wrapped up in this, the Sabo of it all. I apologize.

Zakiya: I see what you mean. Yeah. No, that makes sense. That makes sense. Okay. Well, thank you, Marcus.

Marcus: Is that it?

Zakiya: That’s it.

Maxine: Get the fuck out of here.

Kai: You're done.

Maxine: Marcus!

Zakiya: So we have another caller coming up now. Sasha, where are you at?

Maxine: Just as I imagined.

Zakiya: Aww, Sasha.

Sasha: Hi, hey. What’s up?

Zakiya: Sasha, it is so good to meet you. You and Maxine just shared a super cute hug.

Sasha: I want to hug all y'all, but it seemed pertinent to get that one out of the way first.

Maxine: Reasonable.

Sasha: Yeah.

Zakiya: So, Sasha, what was it like for you listening to the show?

Sasha: Oh, it was fun and awkward. I shared a lot of my thoughts with Caitlin about it. Like, every week I had some new shit to say because. Oh, my God.

Zakiya: I heard you would text Caitlin your thoughts. Are you aware that you are also a huge fan favorite? Like huge.

Sasha: What?? You guys are making me blush, like, you know.

Zakiya: Well, I think you know this, right? People are like, Oh, my God, people are in my DMS asking if you were single, that you sounded hot. People love you.

Sasha: Oh, thank you. Thanks, everybody, for the love. I get it. I get it. Thank you.

Zakiya: You said you get it?

Sasha: Yeah. Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll be. I'll be good.

Zakiya: Do not apologize. We love that, Sasha. Confidence. So who were you rooting for? When you were listening?

Sasha: Honestly I was rooting for Charlie. Yeah, I was. The whole time I was a Charlie fan. But just because I love a troll, we love a troll. And I was just like, This guy is not even trying. What? Charlie, what the hell? And then I was like, Okay, Charlie, I see you and I understand where you're coming from. I feel it in my bones. This guy is good. He's got game, I don't. It's fine. But yeah, I was rooting for Charlie. It sucked at the end, what happened? But I was like, All right, sorry, sorry, sorry. And I like that That shit was funny that he's like, I don't even like Harry Potter, to be honest. I like Charlie. Goodness. That was probably the most entertaining part for me. I'm sorry.

Zakiya: What was it like for you to hear yourself date?

Sasha: It was cringy. So I get it that I sound like a fuck boy. My friend over there even confirmed that I give a fuck boy energy and that's fine. That's fine.

Maxine: Too smooth.

Sasha: But she can also confirm that I'm not a fuck boy. I promise I'm not. I'm a good person. I'm responsible. I'm a grown up now. Like.

Kai: Trying to explain it to people makes it seem like you're more of a fuck boy.

Sasha: All right, I get that. Yeah. Yeah, No, I get is like, you better not try to just. Just shush.

Zakiya: No you can't help that. You just have a sexy voice. I feel like that's what people are like feeling.

Sasha: Oh damn, gonnal make me blush again. It’s getting hot up here.

Zakiya: So like I said, you were a big fan favorite. Why do you think that is?

Sasha: Um, well, I don't know. I guess because I was pretty genuine throughout the whole thing. I just kind of like. Played it cool, you know? Yeah. I wasn't trying to be like, extra because, I mean, why? you know, like, might as well just, like. See what works. Authentically, you know, rather than force it and do the like, small talk and shit. Like, I'm not saying like it was. It wasn't too in-depth, but it was also like a fun, good, like chill time where we actually could, like, break down the barriers of normal conversation and really, like, dive in because we're like, we only got a short time to do this, you know? So it was actually pretty fun.

Zakiya: Yeah, you sound like you all had a good time. Well, a lot of listeners had strong reactions to your hang up.

Sasha: Oh, no.

Zakiya: Listening back, how do you feel about your hang up?

Sasha Um, it was time. I think it was time. Yeah, I think it was. I. I'm sorry, but, I mean, I'm sorry. As it was, we had, like, a really nice conversation, and I, I felt like maybe I got off the rails a little bit and got a little too familiar. And that's not something you want to do when you're, like, trying to just, like, initially date somebody, especially over the phone who you've never seen before, doesn't know your personality very well. So it's just like it's hard to navigate those waters. But I mean, at the end it was in the end that was her decision is always on her to pick one of us to be with. And it was like, you're going to go with your, you know, your best bet. Not necessarily. You know, who the crowd might think is your, you know, perfect choice or whatever. Like, honestly, when I watch, like, Love is Blind, shit like that, I’m like, Okay, But are you all actually into each other or is it, you know, like just the cameras or, you know, whatever and that kind of like disappeared with this crowd? I feel like we all kind of just like had real ass conversations was actually like trying to get to know each other rather than. Get married. Yeah, yeah.

Zakiya: So we have a listener question for you.

Listener 4: Hello. So I was team Sasha. Hands down, Aaliyah. I was very sad.

Sasha: Thank you.

Listener 4: I was very sad. I was team Sasha all the way. So, Sasha, because I'm Team Sasha, I need to know. The people need to know.

Sasha: They do?

Listener 4: Are you single?

Sasha: Maybe after tonight. No. Oh, no. I actually have a girlfriend. I've been dating someone since January.

Listener 4: I knew the answer to that. She's fabulous. She's over there somewhere.

Sasha: She’s hot as fuck. No, that's not my girlfriend.

Listener 4: It's not her?

Sasha: No, but she's fabulous. She's single. No, that's my childhood friend. She knows me very well. If anybody needs to know the tea, you ask her. She is single and very hot.

Zakiya: Look at Kai looking, quite literally, claiming his neck.

Sasha: Her name is Aurora. And she is very hot, very single.

Maxine: Aurora, you want to come get on the couch real quick?

Sasha: I actually have a girlfriend. She is wonderful. She's a little mad at me right now, but she'll get over it. She's mean, but… she's very mean. And she is sassy as fuck. And she's also a little on the jealous side, which is kind of hot still. So it's like a daddy brat situation. She'll go in the corner, she’ll pout, and later on, I'll bring her a present or some food and she'll be fine.

Listener 4: I love that for you. Congratulations.

Sasha: Great question.

Zakiya: Oh, my gosh. I'm speechless. Which never happens. That was so funny. Okay. So what has this past year been like for you after the show?

Sasha: Sorry I was getting a little dry. Well, I graduated college in May. Thank you. Thank you. I got my first grown up, like, real grown up job with IBM and fixed computers for a living now, which seems pretty corporate, but I like money so that tracks, you know, it's just like a thing. Yeah, I also. I'm going to bring it down, but I got bad news. I have breast cancer for the second time in my life, but I'm actively taking chemotherapy. I'm feeling fine right now. Obviously, you can tell because I'm drinking, but I am on my way to being cancer free. The tumors are shrinking. So things are looking up. Hell, yeah. So I'm actually, like, on the mend from that. I just moved a couple of weeks ago from up here in the Fan. I moved to South Side because cheaper and I probably shouldn't live alone anymore just because, you know, with everything going on. But, um. Yeah, I moved to South Side, be closer to my mom, my sister and my girlfriend. Just be, you know, watched basically like a child again. But yeah, it's fine. I guess I got to get babysat for a few months.

Maxine: Not babysat, cared about by a group of people that really love you.

Sasha: That’s fair. That's fair. That's fair. Yeah, I guess so. I'm just an independent woman. I just am so independent. I just don't want to be, you know, held down or, you know, tied down by anything, really. So it's kind of like, I don't like to let my life define me. I let me define my life. And at this point, you know, having that kind of tether to my health or taking special care of my health, that's kind of a big part of my focus right now. And it takes away focus from other things in my life. Which sucks, you know, but is what it is for a little while. I got to be taken care of baby sat.

Maxine: We’re rooting for you, baby.

Sasha: And I got a few more months, we got it. It's all good. Well.

Zakiya: Thank you so much for sharing. And I'm so glad to hear you have so many people that love you that are caring for you. And thank you so much for joining us in the midst of it all. We're sending you so much love. We love you. Clearly, so many people love you.

Sasha: Aww. Thanks.

Coming up, we hear from the Caller who got the final Hang Up… and chose the money over Maxine…

Charlie: But yeah, that's me. Chewing gum and drilling, you know, yucking and chucking.

That’s after the break. Stay on the line!

Zakiya: Okay, so we have more listener questions for all three of y'all, Sasha, Kai and June. Okay, so who has our our fifth question? Oh, I see someone approaching.

Listener 5: Hello. You guys are all better looking than the imaginary picture I had in my head.

Maxine: That's really nice.

Listener 5: This question is for the contestants. Is if the shoes were on the other feet and you were the star, who would you pick to date?

June: I'm on the hot seat first. OK. Well, let's see. I was kind of torn. Definitely. Team Sasha and I was really shook when you were eliminated because it turned out to be like the first season of Shot at Love, where it was the queer person and the straight man. And I'm still traumatized from that. She should have picked Dani. So I was like, Oh my God, It's come down to that. I was like, No, it's not.

Maxine: That is such a deep cut.

June: Yes, Maxine, I'm that old. But I also honestly have such big love for Osprey because I am such a geek about birds of prey in particular. But like, I didn't think it was too much bird talk. So I see you. I hear you, but…

Kai: I hate to admit this, but I think I would have fallen into Charlie's traps. I think he would have stuck me in with a Harry Potter shit. I think I would have been sold at that or something along the lines. But yeah, I. I don't know who I would have picked. I mean, obviously you got the best, you know, interaction with everybody. You had the opportunity to talk to everyone and it's really like peel apart the layers with everyone. So I'm sure each one of us would have had different experience with every other person that we had talked to. But Sabo also seemed really, really cool. When you made the decision, I thought you were going to pick Charlie, to be totally honest. And when you picked Sabo, I was a little bit surprised. But at the same time, not because did also seem like just a really cool person and really fun to hang out with. So I would have probably been in the same situation that you were just trying to decide which one, and I would have done what I did every restaurant and just panic order at the very end and just chosen one.

Maxine: That’s how you do it sometimes.

Sasha: I think. Yeah, I was I was Team Charlie, for sure because. Yeah, say I love a troll. Anybody who’s trolling me. I’m like, wait a minute. Are you for real? And then he was kind of real, but he wasn't. I don't know. I just. I don't know. Maybe I probably woulda still picked Maxine.

Maxine: Hell, yeah.

Sasha: Yeah, I think. I think, though, I've been the obvious choice at that. Perhaps too.

Zakiya: Great. Okay. Oh, we have another question. Another listener question.

Listener 6: What up? So my question is also for the contestants. Not Maxine.

Maxine: Why would you?

Listener 6: If you were the star, what date would you have hung up on Maxine?

Maxine: This is about to feel really good I bet.

June: I don't think I would have. And that's not just diplomacy. I think that Maxine could have taught me a lot about Pitbull, so I think I would have let Maxine go to the end. So.

Sasha: That was. No.

Zakiya: You’re not answering? Why? Why aren't you answering?

Sasha: I’m high.

Zakiya: I respect that, you're high. That's a very good answer.

Kai: Um. You know what? This sibling one.

Zakiya: As Kai did, a literal mic drop. Okay. Okay. So we have we have another listener question.

Listener 7: It's it's amazing to put faces with voices. So I would love you all to dish a little more about Maxine's two top ones and how you feel about Charlie, of which Christian and I— Christian, You and me. Team Charlie Gum. We were chewing gum listening to, like, we were like, chewing the gum. It was serious. And so I would love to hear the rest of you talk a little bit about, you know, like Charlie and Sabo. And I really want you to dish it, like, really give it really give it to em.

Kai: I will say that really grinded my years, the whole chewing gum thing, because I love a good stick of gum. I love it. I'm not going to be disrespectful. I'm not going to like smack it around and stuff like that. But you don't like fresh breath? Is that what's happening here? Are we not enjoying having minty fresh breath?

Maxine: I hate mint. It's so gross.

Kai: You hate mint? All right, let's get some juicy fruit or fruity tutti, whatever is fine. Juicy fruit, something. But, like, come on, Like, is it about gum or is this about an ex that you had that you hated that chewed gum?

Maxine: This is from childhood.

Sasha: Scarred from childhood about the gum.

Maxine: I don't know if it's a scar as much as just I'm smarter than everyone. And you guys are wrong about this.

Sasha: I get that. I get that.

Maxine: That's my mom, you guys.

Zakiya: June, looks like you were gearing up saying something.

June: I'm going to say what we're all thinking. How did Charlie make it that far?

Sasha: You didn't like Charlie's charm?

June: No, no, no. I thought that Charlie was a good time. I. I'm in P.R., so. Yeah. No, I did think that there were some things where I was like, Okay, dude, you're doing laundry. Like, I'm, like, multitasking much? And then I. Yeah, I just want to be Sabo’s friend. Like, I totally want to help build that queer farm and, like, turn it into some like queer—

Maxine: Shout out to the Cazimi Project.

June: Yes. And just I love, like, queer little compound. So I was all about that. Yeah, I did. Sorry, Charlie. I'm spreading all this hate on you. I did actually write some reflection notes, and one of them was like, lol how did I get hung up on over Charlie? I don't chew gum while I’m in people's mouths. And controversial over here.

Zakiya: Well, speaking of the final two, our next caller is joining us remotely as he moved away from Richmond long after the show was taped. And you know who I'm talking about. Please welcome Charlie.

June: Hey Charlie.

Zakiya: Charlie, thank you for joining us remotely. Where are you calling in from?

Charlie: Providence, Rhode Island.

Zakiya: Oh you’re in Rhode Island. Okay. So how's your new job and home treating you?

Charlie: Um. It's good working like I. So I'm in a private office now, so private practice is pretty great. I work like a 9 to 5 and I set pretty hard boundaries for myself. So after work, it's like all me time, right? So it's pretty great. Officially, it's all me time. I don't do on call and on occasion I have emergency stuff, but not really. Life is much easier now. Yeah.

Zakiya: Awesome. Are you still— are you still drilling and filling and chewing gum?

Charlie: Um. Yes and no. I actually had some some fun. I woke up… I wake up really early to go to work and at like 6:45 in the morning, I had a friend from dental school out of nowhere, text me and asked me if that was my voice in this game show. And it was wild. But yeah, that's me chewing gum and drilling, you know, yucking and chucking.

Zakiya: Okay, So I got to say, you were the cause of a lot of strong emotions in the show for Maxine and for listeners. How does that feel for you?

Charlie: I'm not sure. Hopefully good stuff. I don't really know. I'm just I fully intended on just playing the game and and enjoying myself. I did not honestly expect to get that far. And so, quite frankly, I feel very low pressure because I didn't think I would get too far. And I, I just had. There were a lot of really great other contestants to pick from. And even though I didn't know too much about them, it was I know they all seem really cool and I'm surprised that they picked someone that chews gum while drilling teeth. I don't know. Pretty dorky, dude.

Zakiya: So what was it like for you listening to the show once it was out? Was it as you remembered or did you hear things differently listening back?

Charlie: I didn't really listen to the show a ton. Yeah, I. Well, so I took a public speaking class when I was in college, and we had to watch our footage of us doing, like, public speaking. And. It was like the worst thing in the world. Just to hear yourself talk So I. I kind of mustered up the strength to listen to, like the early ones for sure. I had some early favorites that I of of people I really liked. And and when I knew they kind of dropped off, that's when I started to not listen too much And when it was becoming more of a like me speaking role. That's when I really started not not following it all. Yeah.

Zakiya: Okay. So we we have a listener question here for Maxine, but I would love to hear Charlie weigh in to. So listener question here.

Listener 8: So if gum and Harry Potter were truly your top turn offs, why didn't you reject Charlie right from the start? What vibe were you getting that we were all missing?

Maxine I think we're, We're all. Hindsight is 2020 okay. Like we all got there eventually is the point that Charlie is bad— I mean that, you know, anyway, I, I really I genuinely just tried to, like, carry on with people that it was, like, the easiest to talk to. Like that conversation flowed that like it made me laugh. And I think I do this thing or I used to do this thing when I was single often where like I went on a lot of dates and I would go on a date and like pretty immediate. I'd be like, Oh, this person is bad. And then I would play this game with myself where I'd be like, How bad can they get before I am unsafe? And I just like, I think it's a fun it's I like to just ride that line, you know? So there was nothing threatening here. So, like, what else is he going to say?

Zakiya: Charlie, is there anything you want to say?

Charlie Yeah, I. I don't feel very strongly about Harry Potter. I really don't. I haven't honestly watched it since I did laundry that one time when Maxine brought it up, and then I just kind of it was that hill to die on, and it's more so why not? I think a little bit of friendly conflict makes things interesting, and it's less about what we're kind of arguing about per se, and more about the playfulness of it all. And I saw that she kind of bit on that, and I was like, All right, we'll do this. So I do have basic nerd knowledge of a lot of nerdy things, and it could have been like any number of topics. So, you know. Harry Potter it is.

Zakiya: Also, I have to say, we've gotten quite a few people asking if we planted Charlie knowing that he had two of Maxine's icks. But here is a behind the scenes tidbit. We don't coach any of the callers or Maxine or sway any decisions. We're along for this ride too. I'm right there with y'all. Okay, so, Charlie, you got a lot of flack for choosing the money, but it's not like the vacation is the right answer and the money is the wrong answer. It is about what you want. And when you're dating, sometimes what you and the other person wants matches up, and that's great. And sometimes it doesn't. And that's okay, too. And I want to make it clear, when I was grilling you in the final hang up, it wasn't because you chose the money. You had the right to do that. But I was just curious that your decision to take the money was based on assumptions you were making about Maxine and how she would feel if you took the vacation. So I was just trying to understand your train of thought there. So what was it like for you in that room, sitting with Maxine discussing your decision to take the money after she chose Sabo?

Charlie: It was a weird it was definitely a weird like an interview session, for sure. I'm not surprised she wasn't the most thrilled or it seemed like she wasn't the most thrilled. And certainly. I…It wasn't probably the best that I took money, but I picked it from the start, so. Um, I, I kind of had this thought in my head of I was looking for jobs outside of the state. I didn't want anything long distance. Just debatably that doesn't matter. And Maxine did raise a good point about that. But it's something that I cared about. And it's not so much about the money and more so just about making it easier for myself. And in that case, I am somewhat selfish, I guess. But it was a it was a very tough interview to have. And she kind of clammed up for the most part during that interview session. And I am a nervous talker for sureskies. Which is everyone makes fun of me at work for saying for sureskies in a very awkward and nervous manner.

Zakiya: Everyone. Maxine has a question.

Maxine: Charlie, are you seeing anyone? And if so, what do they look like in as much detail as possible?

Charlie: I am not seeing anyone. Yeah. I'm not seeing anybody.

Zakiya: Well, Maxine, this question is for you. Maxine, we heard we we heard from a lot of listeners who are surprised by your reaction to Charlie taking the money. Listening back to the show with some distance. How do you feel about that moment?

Maxine: Um, I don't know. I like I was kind of hot right about it. And like, that was probably unnecessary

Audience member: As it should be.

Zakiya: That's her best friend in the audience.

Maxine: But, yeah, I. Yeah, I will. I'll hold that it's an insultingly low amount of money. But, you know, everyone has to make their own choices, and it's fine. Like, I, we didn't pick each other, you know, it's like it was it was extremely mutual.

Zakiya: Amazing. Okay. Well, Charlie, thank you so much for joining us. Good luck with your new job and your new home. And thank you so much.

Charlie: Bye.

Zakiya: Okay. So we have one final caller remaining and that caller is Sabo. And as we mentioned, they aren't able to make it tonight, but we do have a very special clip to share. Yes. It's a video of the winning moment during the final hang up, when Maxine chose Sabo and Sabo chose to vacation.

Maxine: I look good in this one, y'all.

Kai: I thought it was you guys kissing.

Maxine I wish. The foresight, you know.

Sabo[on video]: Hi. So good to meet you.
Maxine[on video]: You look nice.

Sabo[on video]: You look amazing. You do look like your voice.

Maxine[on video]: I don't know. I didn't have a very clear, specific visual for you, but this is good. You're, like, visually appealing.

Maxine: Sabo’s hot, everyone. Yeah, I just in case I wasn't obvious,.

Zakiya: Both of you are very hot and look very hot. And the chemistry was real right there. Okay. And we have another clip. Of when Sabo chose the vacation.

Zakiya [on video]: Okay, so enough foreplay, let’s get to the action. Sabo has already locked in their choice. They chose. They either chose Maxime and the vacation or they chose to give her the hang up and take the cash prize. So let's hear what they chose.

Sabo[on video]: If Maxine picks me, we’re going on vacation.

Maxine[on video]: Oh shit! Oh, my God.

Sabo[on video]: Of course.

Maxine[on video]: I'm so full of relief. I really don't think I could have started to get rejected twice. I was trying to be a grown up about it, but that would have been hard. And I'm also. I'm really excited because I did. It's. Yeah, this is good. It's going to be good. You're very attractive. You're very cool. I’m down for this. Thanks, everyone.

Zakiya: Ugh, so cute. So like I said, Sabo isn't here, but we do have some updates on their life. So y'all remember that queer farm that Sabo mentioned wanting to start? Yeah, well, they did. And it's called Cazimi Collective. And also they road tripped around the country with their close friend and romantic partner, Linds. Yeah, very sexy. And they've been working on their podcast together that they co-host. And it's called Queer Retrograde. So make sure to look them up and support.

Maxine: The most recent episode has Sam from the Queer Ultimatum. It's a good listen y’all.

Zakiya: Okay, We gotta tune in. Okay, so we've had a lot of questions about season two, and so we want to officially announce we are in the middle of production right now. You'll be able to hear season two early next year. But until then, do y'all want to hear a clip of our next Star?

Maxine: Yes, desperately.

S2 Star: I was out with my friend at this gay bar here in town. And so he and I were there for I'm not like a I don't watch Drag Race that much, but like once in a while I’ll catch an episode, whatever. They were doing the finale for that season at the at the bar. And then Caitlin walks up and is like announcing she's casting for this show. And I was like, you gotta be kidding me. And so my friend and I both decided we were going to apply, although I don't think he actually did in the end. But I did. And I kept like texting him and I was like, What is this like? And I showed him the form was like, Do you think this is legit? Like, what? Where am I putting my information in? And he's just like, Do it, do it, do it. So I was cajoled and that was wonderful. And so I did. And then when I told my daughter that I got it, and not only that I got it, that I'm that I'm like the Star. Oh, my God. The look on her face. I will never forget where she is. She's beside herself. She's like, really, really, you know, excited for this, Maybe even more than me.I don't know if that's possible, but yeah.

Zakiya: How does it go from you're just minding your own business to being like, I am signing up for this reality dating show?

S2 Star: Well, actually, to quote another song I've been listening to on repeat, give me one margarita and I’ll open my legs.

Zakiya: I love that song. Give me one Margarita. I will open my legs. Give me two margaritas. I'm going to sign up for Hang Up.

Zakiya: We can not wait for season two. And if you want season three, season four, season five. If you want more Hang Up. It really is just three people. It's me, Caitlin, and Ben over there. Give them a shout out. It is just us three making this happen. And the only way that we can continue to make more of it is through your support of the show. So thank you so much for listening and coming tonight. Please tell your friends about the show. And also, please, please donate. We really want to keep making more of this show, so let's give one last round of applause to Maxine—

Kai: Hold on Zakiya before you finish.

Maxine: He's going to stop you right there.

June: Beyonce had the best video of all time.

Kai: Before you finish, I just want to ask one more thing. Are you single?

Zakiya: Oh, my gosh. What? Oh, my God. I am. I am. I am single.

Kai: There’s an open bar over there.

Zakiya: Oh, my God. I'm shook right now. Well, if you want to show me some love y'all will donate to Hang Up. Okay, so like I said, we really want to keep making more of this show, so we really appreciate your support and donations. And thank you to all the Callers and Maxine, let's give one last round of applause to Maxine, June, Kai, Osprey, Sasha, Charlie, Sabo, and Marcus.

Kai: Marcus!

Zakiya And thank you for trusting us. Thank you for trusting us and paving the way with this first season. Please stick around as we dance the night away with D.J. All Naturel. Tip your bartenders, buy some merch, and we love you!

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