S2 Trailer: Welcome Back to Hang Up

S2 Trailer: Welcome Back to Hang Up
Art by Marquez Torres

We are growing up and heading to New Mexico for Season 2! 🌶

Our Star Timo is a 41 year old museum curator and parent to two children.

They are recently divorced and haven’t been on a date in a year and a half... until now. So we matched them with six Callers to date exclusively over the phone.

But after a few too many bad relationships, can Timo trust their own judgment? Listen as they date their six Callers, and hang up on all but the final one. But will that person choose Timo back?

Episode 1 drops next Tuesday May 7. Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts 🎧


Zakiya: Your favorite reality dating show is back.

Star: Yes. Are you serious, though?

And this season… we’re going to New Mexico. Where things get spicy

Star: Flash me.
Caller: Dang check you out.
Caller: Slutty twink femmeboy.
Caller: I’m curious if you participate in kink.
Caller: This podcast is not gonna be on PBS…

Welcome back to Hang Up… a reality dating show with no rings attached.
Hosted by me, Zakiya Gibbons.

Timo: Woah OK I’m sliding off my chair now this is great.

Our Star Timo is 41 years old and recently divorced.

Timo: I haven’t been on a single date in 18 months

But now, they’re ready for some romance.

Timo: And like really hot sex… really hot public sex.

So we set them up with six Callers… to date exclusively over the phone.

Caller: I feel like I could talk to you for hours.

Each week, Timo and their Callers form a connection through themed dates…Like Speed Dial.

Caller: Wanna date? Wanna try a date?

Phone a Friend.

Friend: The red flags are just so plentiful

And fan fave, Star 69.

Timo: It was hot. Oh my god it was hot.

But after each date… one Caller must get the hang up. Eliminating them from the show.

Caller: Hopefully one of us won’t have a broken heart tonight.

And there’s a twist— the final Caller gets to choose their prize: An all expenses paid vacation with Timo. Or hang up on them and take a cash prize instead.

Timo: It’s getting really real.

The competition is fierce…

Caller: So I'm going to win that, too. And I'm going to win that.

Caller: No, I'm going to win it. I got it.

And we do something we’ve never done before…

Timo: My heart is racing right now!

Will Timo make a connection?

Timo: Are they really competing for me or are they competing for the prize? Like or am I the prize?

Or will their call be ignored?

Timo: I’ve been spiraling if I think about that. I just have to hope and trust that whoever I choose wants me back.

Find out on Season 2 of Hang Up. Episodes drop every Tuesday starting May 7th. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Caller: You might have just formed like Albuquerque's most popular polycule.