How do you find these people?

How do you find these people?

It's a question I get a lot after people have listened to the show and heard how our Star and Callers are so willing to take a risk and be vulnerable.

It's something I'm not sure I would have the courage to do myself. So it can be difficult to find not just one but SEVEN people who would reasonably date each other, all living in the same place, who are down to participate in a reality dating show.

So I want to show you how I got the word out about our current season in New Mexico and found our Season 2 Star, Timo, and their Callers. First, I had to go there (I live in Virginia). Luckily, I have a close friend who I could stay with when I was there (shoutout to Bess and Irving 😭).

I made a GAY AGENDA of all the places and meetups where I could connect with different pockets of the LGBTQ+ community there– this is important because especially with small cities like Albuquerque and Santa Fe, a lot of those communities are tight knit and you don't want people to already know each other (although as you'll hear over the next few episodes, that seemed to be unavoidable this season...)

Besides the local gay bars and drag shows, these events also included a queer square dance group(!!) and a bowling league and a gay men's Taco Tuesday meetup. I handed out flyers at these events and also just taped flyers up on the street in the most walkable areas.

Fun fact: one Caller in each season found out about the show and applied because of a flyer they saw at a bus stop.

Thanks to my friend Harry for designing the NM flyer! It takes a village, y'all.

Of course, there's also the internet. I post in all the LGBTQ+ groups I can find, and I ask community leaders if they could post and share with friends. Their support and trust is the basis of how I was able to find the incredible people who are part of Season 2.

You can meet them all in Episode 1: Speed Dial now. Our next episode comes out tomorrow, so make sure you're caught up!

While we're here, I should let you know that we have open applications for upcoming seasons. We are casting a wide net for people who live anywhere and adults of any age.

You can even nominate someone– maybe that friend who always complains that they're sick of the apps?

Hope to hear from you soon! ☎️