• Trailer: Welcome to Hang Up

    Love reality dating shows but tired of the obsession with marriage? Welcome to Hang Up, a reality dating show with no rings attached.


    In each season, one person is matched with six prospective love interests. They go on dates over the phone and never see each other. After the dates, the Star chooses one person to “hang up” on and eliminate from the show.


    And there’s a twist— in the end, the final, winning caller makes their own choice: to either choose the Star back and take an all-expenses-paid vacation together or hang up on the Star and take a cash prize instead.


    Thank you to Freesound for many elements in this trailer, including:

    "WeddingBells1" by acclivity; https://freesound.org/s/23090/

    "Kisses" by dcaval1@towson.edu; https://freesound.org/s/70793/