Only two Callers remain. On the Three-Way date, Zakiya joins Maxine and her two remaining Callers to make sure they get the answers they need to make their big decision. 🤔

Who should Maxine choose❓And will the winning Caller want her back or be in it for the cash? 💰


Previously on Hang Up…

Charlie: Let’s talk about sex baby.

Maxine and her Callers got down and dirty.

Sasha: Make me your bitch.

Maxine: It was the first time anyone had spit in my mouth.

Sabo: All the sudden, there’s some grinding going on, it’s just a good ol time.

And in the end, Maxine hung up on Sasha, leaving Charlie and Sabo as the final two Callers.

Sasha: Some part of me is thinking that maybe one of them is playing her. It could all fall apart at the end.

This is Hang Up, a reality dating show with no rings attached.

I’m your host, Zakiya Gibbons.

Here’s how the show works.

Every week, our Star goes on a themed date with each of her Callers. All of these dates happen exclusively over the phone.

The Star and her Callers all change their names so they can’t find each other outside of the show.

The Callers only have one date per week to stand out from the crowd.

But if they can’t establish a clear connection, they risk getting the hang up. Eliminating them from the show.

The Star hangs up on one Caller each week. To stay on the line, they must win over Maxine.

And in the end, the winning caller has a choice to make: an all expenses paid vacation with Maxine or hang up on her, and take a cash prize of one thousand dollars.

This week, we’re down to our final two callers— Sabo and Charlie.

In this episode, the Three-Way Date.

It’s the very last chance for Maxine, Sabo, and Charlie to ask their final, burning questions and get the answers they need to make their big decision.

So for the very first time, I’ll be joining Maxine on her round-table-style date to ask some tough questions… and to make sure they get answered.

Whose call will ring through? And whose call will be ignored?

Maxine: Why haven’t you fucking learned your lesson like seven times over?

Charlie: Do I sound like a dick right now?

Sabo: I’ve always wanted a motorcycle. I think 1K would go pretty tight towards that.

Find out this week on Hang Up.

Zakiya: Maxine. We are down to the final two Callers. Can you believe we're like, already at the top two?

Maxine: It's, it's finally happening.

Zakiya: So, this last date had some surprises, and some awkwardness, which is to be expected, you were talking about your sexual preferences over the phone with people you just met a few weeks ago. So you said that the red flag in this date would be for the Caller to be shy or uncomfortable about talking about sex. So who was the most uncomfortable talking about sex?

Maxine: I feel like, oddly enough, I think Sabo is number one.

Sabo: Enjoying the playfulness of it all. I think that’s as much as I can really give on this platform about that night.

Sabo like did kind of put up like a lot of like boundaries and lines about it and they did say like they're kind of more of a private person but I do feel like we had a very like as is like an open and nice conversation about kind of like sex and pleasure and like the way that they like to do things and you know so I thought, like that was cool. Um, Charlie…

Charlie: They like to smack that ass like a drum. For sureskis.

He was like so “I was with this girl and she had a Simba tattoo like right above her crotch but it was like the cave drawing of Simba and I thought that was like really sexy.”

Zakiya: Charlie is such a wild card.

Maxine: What is that?

Zakiya: So he loves above the pussy Simba tattoo.

Zakiya: So what are your feelings about Charlie?

Maxine: Yes, some of it like, wasn't that tight. The whole Simba tattoo thing, I wrote down and then I wrote ugh underneath. But then there were some things that I like really did mess with it. Sounds like he's like, pretty open to, you know, some like exploratory sex, which is like what I'm down for. Oh. Yeah. So Charlie Charlie also made a bingo board of all of the things that he thought were going to come up during the date.

Zakiya: Oh that's cute.

Maxine: Yeah, it was really, and then he was joking about it, kind of as we were going on, like if you could give me bingo like that, would really get me so hot. It was like very funny. Like I liked that a lot. So that was a huge bonus thing for me.

Zakiya: Yeah. You know it’s so funny it seems like Sabo seems to be like consistent and like a simmer and with Charlie, it's like a boil then a simmer, then a boil, then a simmer, but like, when he's boiling, it's like it's really hot. But let's, let's talk about Sasha.

Sasha: No worries just don’t put it in my butt.

For a lot of the show, she's been a front runner. So what happened to change that?

Maxine: I think that as I was talking to her and having this conversation, I just felt like I don’t... I couldn't exactly describe where it went from being kind of like an enjoyable conversation to me to just feeling kind of like a forced conversation I was having with like a regular at the bar and then I just like sub consciously was like yeah, I don't think I want to have sex with this person like they just haven't said anything wrong necessarily but I just like the feeling that I'm feeling isn't like, “oh boy.”

Zakiya: Why not?

Maxine: It was pretty graphic, a lot of it and I think, like, I am we have probably like similar like sexual interests and what not. But yeah, it wasn't… I don't think we would fuck. I just don't feel it.

Zakiya: Can you rank from most sexually compatible to least sexually compatible?

Maxine: I think Sabo is number one, I just feel like we would have a fun time together.

Zakiya: What in that date made you feel like you all would be the most sexually compatible? Especially since they had some boundaries up about talking about sex. So did you even get as deep into the sex talk as you did with the others?

Maxine: I don't know if we necessarily got as deep but I feel like we had like a full conversation that I wasn't like 'oh like we didn't get into like enough stuff' but then again also maybe like strategic on their part. For all I know, like maybe Sabo and Charlie like aren't interested in me at all and but we're like playing this game. I've also just convinced myself wholly, that both of them are going to take the money. So then like that way, I won't be disappointed and then if the vacation does happen, I'll be so excited.

Zakiya: It sounds like you're hoping for the best. But prepared for the worst type of situation.

Maxine: Yeah I'm expecting the worst and then will be pleasantly surprised by a different outcome. I think that's like kind of the weirdest thing about you know, more traditional dating shows is that like there's an expectation that all of these people are like in love with this singular person. It's like, you don't, statistically not all of you can feel that way. You know, you don't really know like what the levels are. So I don't want to like assume that both of these people are like completely in love with me and if they were, that would be weird. Cause we don't fucking know each other.

Zakiya: Exactly what did Sabo call you wild and realistic or hot and realistic?

Maxine: Wild and Realistic.

Zakiya: I feel like that. Yeah, that was very realistic. Yeah, cause you're right, this isn't like the other shows where they're like “I am dating to get married and so that we can pop out kids and blah blah blah.” This approach to dating on Hang Up is more queer in that like terms of like you don't need to find all of the things you think you need in one person. OK So you're about to choose between two people. What do you want to find out in this next date to make your final decision?

Maxine: I want to know like what the like most specific thing that they are excited about about me is and then like in inverse like what the thing they're least excited about me is.

Zakiya: And why, why is that one of your main go-to questions to help you make this big decision?

Maxine: I think they've both been like super vague when asked like specifically about like what they're enjoying when it comes to me. So I want to hear a specific answer and then I want to hear an honest answer,about what they're not enjoying so I can get a gauge about how serious it is.

Zakiya: You've had a lot of power so far. How does it feel being in the hot seat for this next date?

Maxine: Maybe something that makes me a little nervous is yeah, I haven't really been in a good relationship before. So I think that that is like, not like it was maybe like more reasonable at a younger age, but like the older I get, the less cute it is to be like, “yeah, just like never had a boyfriend.” So that does make me a little nervous, I think that that would be probably like a red flag for me in another person. So.

Zakiya: Tell me why that would be a red flag for you in another person.

Maxine: Cause it's like it's the equivalent of talking to a man in a me like, “all my exes are crazy.” It's like no mine kinda are though, but I get it, you know? That doesn't sound good. Yeah it also sounds like why haven't you fucking learned your lesson like seven times over?

Zakiya: I see. So how do you think the people you've dated compared to these last two Callers?

Maxine: I think that it sounds like these two individuals like have their own lives and I I like that. That is something that usually has been lacking in my relationships is that they typically like really need a lot from me.

Zakiya: Getting down to the wire like this, how much are you considering if they like you back?

Maxine: I'm trying to consider that and I'm trying to like gauge and read that but I think you had like the pessimist in me is like, “This is all an act.” I think that like, if that person chose the money, it would just be like, okay, cool. Like but now we're going to like wipe our hands clean of each other and like I would block them on Instagram, like we would not interact ever. If I saw them in a bar I'd pretend like I didn't know them like it would be like okay, you made your choice and now you're dead to me. Like respect, but do your thing over there.

Zakiya: Tell me more about that. Why would that be your response?

Maxine: Because like, you know, you, I just helped you win $1,000, like you're welcome. Congratulations. So go live your life now away from me. You don't also get to also try to like hang around me. And presumably, you didn't want to. So why would we even?

Zakiya: If you were to be in this situation like let's say, four years ago, and I were to ask you, like, how did you feel about this rejection? Would your answer be the same?

Maxine: Yeah, they're certainly like iterations of me that have been significantly, less mature, and handled things, like, with a little less grace but then I think also, with a little self-confidence. Like, I think that maybe a few years ago, if someone would have picked the money and then hit me up afterwards, I maybe would have still gone out with them, and I think that now, it's just like a standard of like, no, you made your choice. Like, I'm not gonna be like furious, I’m not gonna go home and like break stuff or cry or anything. But it’s like it’s a respect thing I respect myself enough to not kick it with you after you picked a thousand dollars over me.

Zakiya: Okay. So I cannot wait to be a part of your date this week and I'll talk to you on the hotline soon.

Maxine: Okay, I'll talk to you soon Zakiya.

Coming up, I finally get to go on a date with Maxine! Oh and, Charlie and Sabo will be there too. And they’re all gonna be real honest. I’ll make sure of that. Stay on the line for the Three-Way date, after the break.

Robot voice: Welcome to the Hang Up Hotline. To enter, please say the password.

Zakiya: Wild and realistic.

Robot voice: You may enter.

Zakiya: Hello everybody.

Sabo: Hello.

Charlie: Hi.

Maxine: Hi.

Zakiya: This is our last time together on the hotline. And compared to our first time it's kinda lonely today because there's only three of you on the line. So our two Callers, Charlie and Sabo, and our Star, Maxine. Y'all are here together for the three-way date so it's your final chance to get all of the info you need to make to make your big decision. Alright, you ready?

Sabo: Let's do it.

Charlie: Yup.

Zakiya: Awesome. What are your concerns if any about how you will be perceived on the show once it comes out?

Sabo: Every fucking week I hang up and I'm like I sound like a total fool, everything I said, wow, you said it this way, you said it that way, am I making any sense? Every time I wake up, er hang up, did any of that land somewhere? I have no idea. I feel so silly silly, the concern is that wow I hope some of that came across.

Charlie: Yeah every single time I come out, I think to myself, was I trying to be too slick? Do I sound, do I sound like a dick right now? Cause I could sound like a dick and then I send Caitlin a text saying, “Please don't make me look like a dick. Thank you.” It's a true fear of mine.

Maxine: Gosh I keep forgetting I'm supposed to be doing an answer as well.

Zakiya: No you are also in the hot seat.

Sabo: Let's go!

Maxine: I'm thinking about how harshly my mom and I judge others when we're watching crummy reality TV and now I'm just opening myself up to that. Yeah sometimes I am strongly opinionated about things that don't require super strong opinions and I think sometimes I think that's funny. But other people. So I don't, I'm hoping that my general vibe isn't people see it and they're like, “aw man fuck her dude. Like, can you believe that chick Maxine?”

Zakiya: Yeah you are all in very vulnerable positions but very different positions, but I kinda like this date cause it's the great equalizer. What's your favorite and least favorite thing about Maxine? And Maxine, what's your favorite and least favorite thing about each Caller? And be specific.

Charlie: Oh wow. I need to think about this one.

Sabo: I'm down to just rock it out. My favorite thing about Maxine. Humor! Is on point. She says shit, I'm just like artfully done, well crafted, that's funny as shit. Least favorite thing I feel like in general, I feel like she holds all the power ultimately here in some kind of way like as far as the dates have gone, as much as I feel like we're encouraged “oh it's a conversation” all that stuff, I always have felt like it's kinda out of my hands in terms of what direction it's going and all that, I don't know true to like the dynamic of us as individuals or true to like the show but it's something that's been my least favorite thing about the whole thing.

Maxine: Also Sabo has been like incredibly funny and I really enjoyed it like the whole bit the other day, about your fantasy, going out to dinner as other people and then running into Rihanna and sharing a special secret with her, I'm not gonna reveal what that secret is, but that just like, it made me laugh so much and I was like oh cool this would be what we're doing like sitting around together just being funny. I like that a lot. I think my least favorite thing is that you are just like in general a little more private which is fine, but it makes it a little tougher to read you I think. I don't know exactly where you're at. And then so Charlie. I think my favorite thing about you is our mutual love of like games and how kind of like you're like a little bit like, you;ve like razzed me a few times. I like that back and forth, you know, it hasn't been totally been there like "oh do you like me" it's been like no I'm like my own person with my own stuff that I'm offering and bringing to the table and I like that. And then my least favorite thing about Charlie is his love of Harry Potter.

Sabo: Wait Charlie please tell me what House are you?

Maxine: Oh no!

Sabo: I'm not endorsing, it's just like getting someone's sign. I’m just like what is it?

Charlie: Are we doing this right now?

Maxine: No it's not like getting someone's sign. No we're not doing this right now.

Charlie: Sabo Team Hufflepuff? Let's roll. OK I guess it's my turn. Something… That I I do like about Maxine. I mean she kind of hit on the point. I've lived a lot by myself and it doesn't seem like she wants to disrupt kind of the independence that I've kind of developed. And our ability to kind of riff and adapt around that, or with that or through that has been really good. I mean, I made up random games and she was like, all right, how do we play? What are the rules? Let's do this. And I really like that because it means that if there were any kind of issues that came up, there's a little bit of play with how we kinda respond to that, which would be awesome. Things that I don't like, you know, it's kind of difficult for me to pick something. Not necessarily because I don't think there is anything. I think that we have such quick and I don't know, funny, witty banter that I'm drawing a blank. It slides into the back. I can't think of anything.

Zakiya: I don't know, I find it a little convenient that you're saying oh the conversations are so great. I have no notes, no feedback, absolutely nothing negative.

Sabo: Ah, called out.

Charlie: I mean I'm not necessarily saying that there's nothing. Yeah shit. I guess I am saying there's nothing.

Zakiya: Maxine, what do you think about all this?

Maxine: Oh, I think it's lame. I think that it's like probably just nerves and I feel bad for saying that cause I feel like it's not helping him come up with an answer by saying that it's not good. But it's not. It kinda just it's maybe representative of you to kind of like coasting through this, and so you're just like 'I don't really know'. That's kinda what it feels like it's happening here, which is maybe not necessarily true.

Charlie: Definitely the vibe you’re getting.

Maxine: But it's going in my notes.

Charlie: You know in my heart of hearts want something very, very specific and personal that I want to call you out on. I really do. But I mean this has been kind of a limited exposure and with that comes a limited sample size.

Zakiya: So let's just get to a messier question. What is your most toxic trait?

Maxine: Did you say toxic?

Zakiya: What is your most toxic Toxic as in Britney Spears. Toxic trait.

Charlie: What a jam. I think my most toxic trait is I sometimes have difficulty letting things go, you know, like if I say something weird, it kind of lingers in my head or if someone like wrongs me in any way it typically kind of stays in my head a little bit longer but yeah I think that's pretty toxic.

Sabo: Thank you for sharing. My toxic trait is definitely toxic positivity you know it just comes out against myself and others. Sometimes looking for the silver lining far too often.

Zakiya: This is getting into Charlie territory when I'm like "that answer is really convenient." So tell me an example of when this actually like bit you in the ass.

Sabo: I'm that bitch when you bring up something that's hard for you, and you’re like yo I’m really going through it whether it’s personal or interpersonal, capitalism’s got you down. I'm like but did you die though? I’m like a little too like, “are you good?” I’m that kid where yeah someone should tell me to stop.

Zakiya: OK what is a mistake that you've repeated in relationships?

Sabo: I think before Covid, I was dating the idea of people a lot like kind of just letting myself put them in a kind of a one-dimensional kind of box and myself as well in terms of how I was reacting to like all of what was going on. But yeah kinda played us both in that sense. A lot of it was putting someone on a pedestal and just tryna make that work and is it is not realistic at all or healthy or cute at all.

Charlie: For me, I think it takes me a little bit of time to open up. For sure. I think a lot of times I just end up becoming, staying pretty independent and not sharing all too much. It's just not the easiest thing for me to talk about my personal stuff. And then I always make a lot of jokes to kind of get out of it. I think that's me.

Zakiya: That's real too. I appreciate both of you. Maxine, what about you?

Maxine: I think I have a tendency to jump in a little too quickly where I, if I like someone and they like me and I'm like, yeah, let's just like blow off our entire lives and spend all this time together like the-- And I I recognize that behavior is like again like not healthy at all and is not indicative of a healthy relationship to not being able to stay away from or, be apart or anything, so I-- In response that I would like to point out that like one of the things that I appreciate about both of you that it seems like you have your own like full lives like outside of this experience. And I like appreciate that because it seems like it would be a little more difficult to get into that kind of behavior with someone who has stuff going on.

Zakiya: When you choose the vacation, where will you want to go?

Charlie: I wanna go somewhere new and have that kind of weird adventure experience. So I'd probably try to find a place that Maxine and I both haven't gone. I think I would want to go city for the first date cause that has kinda built-in activities. Miami is one that's been on my list for a while. I have a bunch of good friends in Miami. And I heard that place is poppin. Charleston I haven't been to. That one I heard it is great too. It's probably just you make a list, I make a list and let's let's make cases for each of our cities and we'll figure one out.

Sabo: I'm a total slut for national parks. I think that would be really cool, somewhere with like big expansive beautiful nature, good water, I mean it’s all expenses so. Yeah just whatever, if it was ethical, Hawaii would be sick, maybe that could be negotiated, Puerto Rico looks cool, anywhere where we’re really feeling sexy and good, like in just the environment itself.

Charlie: I forgot about the all expenses paid. We could get into some real trouble.

Zakiya: That's like the whole thing.

Charlie: All expenses paid trip.

Sabo: It could pop off!

Maxine: Yeah that for sure. I wanna be in some crystal clear blue water, I wanna be in a teeny tiny little bikini getting tan as fuck, drinking rum and fruit drinks, like chillin.

Zakiya: All of those options sound amazing and fun. So after the vacation what is your greatest hope for where this relationship will go?

Maxine: Ideally, the vacation went super well and we either like really connected as like potential partners or like really connected as pals and we come back and we're like, definitely going to hang and see where things go from there. Or we have like a really solid bond that is like yeah this didn’t really work out in a romantic vibe but we can still be friends, I hope we got something out of it that was good and that we can continue to like have something from this.

Zakiya: So it wouldn't be a big deal if y'all didn't keep dating?

Maxine: I mean I don't want to like put that much pressure on it you know, cause I think that--

Charlie: Thank you.

Maxine: I feel like it's almost a little aggressive to be like 'we're going on vacation together so like we better be fucking' you know or like in a relationship now? You're trapped with me alone somewhere else like it's us, right? That feels like a lot.

Zakiya: How does that feel hearing that? Charlie I heard you say like "good" or something.

Charlie: I feel like there's this expectation that, like they're just going to be this immediate pop off chemistry that once we meet, and there is yet to be work to be done, right? There's more work to be done and we have talked over the phone and we have this interaction already in this shared, kind of weird phone relationship, but definitely meeting in person is definitely going to be a big step and there shouldn't be this expectation. It should be a case where if it feels right, it feels right, right? And absolutely 100% here for the experience. That's that's something that I hold the most stock in not like money or anything like that. I think having experiences is what living is about. And I'm, I'm down for that.

Sabo: Wholeheartedly agree with all of it. I think it'd be really cool to like walk away with like a cool handshake going. It's a special bond we've created in this incubation tank of what we're doing, so no matter what it is popping off. So the best case scenario is happening no matter what. Ultimately it would be cool to have that friend or whatever just come from the origin story in and of itself is special, so it is special.

Zakiya: Got it, OK. So when you choose the cash prize, what will you use that money on?

Sabo: That’s a big assumption.

Zakiya: I mean note that I also said 'when you choose the vacation' So I'm not thinking you're going to do anything in particular.

Charlie: That's fair.

Sabo: I've always wanted a motorcycle I think 1K would go pretty tight towards that. That feels inevitable anyway.

Charlie: You would get a motorcycle. That's so your vibe. I get it.

Zakiya: Next season is going to be a throuple.

Charlie: I gotta be responsible and shit. Paying for my license, paying for my license to practice, bills, I don't know, all those things. Student loans, let's throw that in the mix, that's not gonna do too much into that but that'll help. Yeah. Bills bills bills, you know?

Sabo: No treat? Not one treat in there?

Charlie: You know, I I I treat myself by buying myself food, and so I mean, I just live, that's my way of life, you know?

Zakiya: OK so, Sabo is going to buy a motorcycle and Charlie is going to buy food. That sounds like a summary.

Sabo: When you say it like that.

Zakiya: You’re talkin about that wagyu beef. You trying get that wagyu every day.

Charlie: I'm not trying to do wagyu everyday but like jamón.

Sabo: Jamón, stop.

Charlie: Maybe some fancy alcohol.

Sabo: Montepulciano, yes.

Charlie: Oh yeah it's raining truffles baby. Maxine I'm just saying, we can be doing truffles, ya know? Truffles.

Zakiya: Ooh. Yeah Maxine, what do you think about their answers?

Maxine: I don't like motorcycles personally, but it's not something that you would be buying for me or with my consideration in mind. So I think you should do whatever the fuck you want. I think it would even be kind of fitting because I don't, I really don't like motorcycles. If you bought a motorcycle with the prize money and then, I also don't like truffles but I respect where you're coming from with the wanting to buy like a bunch of fancy foods. I fuck with that.

Zakiya: Maxine so if the winning Caller does take the cash prize, what would your relationship with them look like after that?

Maxine: I think that like, if one of y'all chose the money, that's fine, you know, like I'm a grown up and rejection obviously sucks, but it's incredibly fleeting and finite and it's like, it would just be a thing that happened and I would be okay with, but I also I can't rock with that, we can't like be friends after. So it's just like, it's fine. I'm happy for you and your motorcycle or your truffles, but like you do that over there. Forever.

Sabo: Forever.

Charlie: I feel like that's a fair response.

Zakiya: Okay, so we're coming to the end of this date. So in just a few sentences, make the case for why you should be chosen.

Charlie: I, you know, it might be a little selfish for me, but I think you should pick me because I I think there's a lot of potential for some really awesome moments together. I personally would would love to you know kind of explore, kind of what's going on here and continue banter about all this dumb stuff, like Harry Potter or chewing gum. And you know, come up with some really good inside jokes, explore a city, get weird.

Sabo: Wow yeah Maxine, I feel like we vibe on the same radio wavelength. I think that's where it's at. A lot of the things I learned especially on tonight's date especially that's a launchpad for a whole conversation that I think we would just like enjoy like with each other and I feel like our viewpoints kind of land in similar spaces if not oscillate closely. I think the chemistry I think I'm feeling a little heat there. I think it'd be a great time and good time, very memorable and I think I'll be lots of laughter and genuine connecting. So I don't think anything would be forced. I think we're both genuine enough to not feel like we would need to feed into something that wasn't actually there. And I think there is a lot of potential.

Zakiya: And Maxine. Why should they choose to go on the vacation with you over choosing the $1,000?

Maxine: Charlie. I think that we've like, really vibed thus far. I like really enjoyed talking to you. I think you like kind of snarky and fun and I think that we would potentially have a lot of fun together, like when you were saying all those things I was like "yeah that aligns." And I would, I think enjoy like potentially this further and I think that I could be like a cool thing like we could do together in a new city with a beach. Sabo yeah, I feel the same thing. I feel like we vibe in a similar way. I think it's always a little easier to be around someone, who just kinda gets the same stuff. So I assume you know we got like mixed kid stuff, like there's certainly something there and I think that you're right in saying that we could just kind of like genuinely just see what's going on there. And potentially have like something really cool or potentially have a really cool friendship. But I don’t think either of us would front about that. And I think that that could be really positive. And then for the both of you, I look fantastic in a bikini so that is something to be noted. Like I can't stress that enough, like what a thrill it would be to go on an exotic vacation with me.

Charlie: That works, I mean you're gonna have to prove it now, unfortunately.

Maxine: Yeah I'm not nervous about that.

Charlie: Oof. Heating up. Well Maxine lucky for you I also look very good in a bikini.

Maxine: Oh my goodness so fun.

Zakiya: Next week, it's the FINAL Hang Up.

Maxine: The ending of this, I think it's just a little it's just stressful. I feel stressed out and I don't know what to do.

Charlie: I know that it feels one-sided, like Maxine picks us but we also have the opportunity to take pick her, right? I mean that's the final thing.

Sabo: If Maxine picks me, I’m going with—

essage deleted.>

Caitlin: Hello, you’ve reached the Hang Up voicemail. Please tell us what percentage you’re split between your two choices— maybe evenly split at 50/50 or maybe you already know what you’ll pick and are at 0/100. But don’t tell us now which option you’re leaning towards. Leave a message at the

Sabo: Um The most surprising thing that I've learned during the three way, call with probably that Maxine and I are a bit more aligned than I had previously thought, like, in terms of, like our values, so that was cool and it definitely added a lot more weight to my decision, which in turns like a percentage. I think right now it's at a tight 80/20.

Charlie: What I've been thinking about mainly was how honestly similar Sabo and Maxine are kinda vibe wise and also like perspective wise. They're just really well aligned and I mean that might be great. That might be awesome for them. But I'm not sure I want, in my mind that I'm not sure I would want someone that has the exact same kind of alignment or very similar alignment like that, which leads me to think that I might win. As far as what I would pick...I’m not gonna say which ones which, 0 and 100.

Maxine: Hi. This is my first voice memo for Hang Up. So um tonight I think I don't know, I guess I didn't really know or maybe I thought it was convenient to not know how much both of these people seem to be like actually interested in me and that was nice and affirming and so that was positive for me. I liked that. And I think that my choices right now percentage-wise are 50/50, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Hang Up is created and produced by me, Caitlin Pierce.

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This episode was mixed and sound designed by Ben Montoya. Ben is also our story editor.

Music by Jeff Carter and Stephen Pathe of Sandy. Hear more at

Art by Alex Teschel.

Studio recording by Eric Elterman of Boomtown Studio, Kieran Kaye of Full English Post, and the ICA Community Media Center.

Our sounding board is Allison Behringer, Karla Corrales, Chioke I’Anson, and Grayum Vickers.

This episode uses many sounds from Freesound, for the full list check out our show notes.

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Thank you to Freesound for many elements in this episode, including:

"Please Leave Your Message After the Tone" by kwahmah02;

"Message Deleted.aif" by nannygrimshaw;

S1 Episode 6: Three-Way