Things get hot and heavy on the *69 date 🥵 For the first time, Maxine and her Callers will describe how they look 👀 Then, they'll see if they would be compatible in the bedroom 🍑


Previously on Hang Up…

Marcus: I don't think he's boring. But I don't know if you will not think that he's not boring.

Maxine’s brother Marcus weighed in with his opinion of the Callers…

Marcus: Currently I have Kai number one.

And then, Maxine hangs up on her brother’s top pick.

Maxine: There's been a rerank.

And chose to keep the caller that both Marcus and Maxine were suspicious of.

Maxine: Sabo I'll be honest was the number one that I was like, they would probably just take the money.

Welcome back to Hang Up, a reality dating show with no rings attached.

I’m your host, Zakiya Gibbons.

Here’s how the show works.

Every week, our Star Maxine goes on a themed date with each of her Callers. All of the dates happen exclusively over the phone.

The Star and her Callers never see each other and at first, can’t describe how they look.

And, they all change their names so they can’t find each other outside of the show.

The Callers only have one date per week to stand out from the crowd and woo the Star.

To stay on the line, they must win over Maxine.

And if they can’t establish a clear connection, they risk getting the hang up. Eliminating them from the show.

The Star hangs up on one Caller each week until there’s one final Caller remaining.

But in the end, the winning caller has a choice to make: an all expenses paid vacation with Maxine, or hang up on her and take the cash prize of one thousand dollars.

This week, only three Callers remain: Sasha, Sabo, and Charlie.

Sasha: I'm hoping I'm not the one that gets hung up on next.

Sabo: I do believe that I will win Hang Up.

Charlie: Do I think I can win this thing? Honestly I'm not sure

In this episode, the Star 69 date… emphasis on 69. For the very first time, Maxine and the Callers will reveal what they look like.

And then: pillow talk. They’ll compare notes to see if they’d be compatible in the bedroom.

Who will get a booty call? And who will get a wake up call?

Sabo: Take me to your fantasy as you know it today.

Maxine: It sounds like you’ll take it any way I want it.

Charlie: We are so close. Oh my god just get me there.

Find out this week on Hang Up.

Zakiya: Hi Maxine.

Maxine: Hi Zakiya

Zakiya: How are you doing?

Maxine: I'm well, thanks. How are you?

Zakiya: I'm so good, I'm so excited to dig in today cause we're going to talk about fun, sexy things. But before I get into all of that, now you have eliminated half of the callers. How's it feel being at this point in the dating process?

Maxine: I feel excited and powerful.

Zakiya: Yeah, no it definitely is a lot of power. Kai sounded pretty bummed.

Kai: Ooh, that’s rough.

Maxine: He sure was sad. It was like a little more emotionally exhausting than I anticipated. Not in necessarily even a negative way but I just I I kind of just figured like this would be a fun thing that I did as an aside from my real life, and I am surprised at how kind of consumed I am able to get by like this process. Like I called Marcus before the hang up, and we talked for like 45 minutes.

Zakiya: Yeah you would think it'd be maybe easier to have like a second opinion but I guess at this point in the process nothing gets easier, it all just gets more and more complicated. And speaking of you tapping in your brother, so Marcus told you that his favorite was Kai and that you should hang up on Charlie.

Charlie: Whoo alright this is like interview time, I love it. This is like job interview stuff.

But that's not what happened. You decided to hang up on Kai, Marcus's favorite and you referenced a secret last-minute phone call that you had with Marcus to decide. So what happened in that call?

Maxine: So Marcus initially felt that he was supposed to ascertain who was most likely to go on the vacation versus who was going to pick the money. So his mindset with his initial rank was more based on that. He liked Charlie a lot and felt very bad for disparaging him. He said that several times. He said, Charlie and Sabo…

Sabo: Would you describe Maxine as like an indoor cat an outdoor cat or like an indoor dog or outdoor dog?

He liked the best, he thought they were like the most interesting, but he also thought that they were both likely to take the money. And we both agreed that we didn't necessarily have an issue with like that mentality. Like that's why I think are the ranks kind of changes because it was like, I'm not mad at someone who came in here to like do the best and win this money, you know, like that would probably be kind of my mindset going in and then maybe if they were like super cool then, I don't know. I just I don't want to make that like the thing. So then we kind of like we shifted focus a little bit. So then with that being said…

Zakiya: Well quickly, question for you: So does it not matter to you if the winning caller takes the money?

Maxine: I wouldn't like it. But I can also understand.

Zakiya: Yes. Okay,

Maxine: That's where I'm coming from, you know. I don't want to be like to set myself up for the person to pick is one hundred percent. We're going on vacation, we're going to fall in love, it's going to be amazing forever. I want to be realistic. You know, with any... there's like a 50/50 on what's going to happen.

Zakiya: Okay. What does realistic mean?

Maxine: Well I think that that's why I'm not I didn't keep Kai. Marcus and I thought that he would have taken the vacation like we thought that Sasha and Kai would pick the vacation and that Sabo and Charlie would probably pick the money, but that's not really the point here. Like we can't be just be trying to guess what they're going to do and like base this around that it has to be about like connection. And connection based like I vibed with Sasha and Sabo and Charlie on the last date and I didn't with Kai so he had to go.

Zakiya: Got it. Okay.

Maxine: He also, he just didn't think that I would like Charlie and he was surprised by that which is why he kind of gave him a lower rank.

Zakiya: So where does Charlie stand now?

Maxine: I like Charlie and Marcus said that he thinks that Charlie likes me. So you know, I mean he's in my top three.

Zakiya: So what's it going to feel like hanging up on one of them? Cause it is it feels like it's getting harder each time.

Maxine: I'm hoping that one of them just really fucks up this date and then it's like super easy or like we’ll get into some stuff and we’re like “Oh we're not compatible at all, like you have to go.”

Zakiya: So speaking of which this next date could give you all that, you need to eliminate someone because we're going to be talking about sex and sexual compatibility. And that's really important to figure out if you're compatible with someone romantically or sexually. So, this next date's theme is Star 69. For the first time you'll get to hear what each of the Callers look like, and you'll describe what you look like, which brings me to something I've been dying to know. Maxine. What do you look like?

Maxine: Okay, I’m 5'6”. I weigh 170 lb. I have shoulder-length, like 3B hair. I am mixed-race. I'm like, thick. I have, I have, I have, like, big boobs, and a small waist, and a big butt. I have nice lips for sure. I have brown eyes.

Zakiya: Do you have tattoos, piercings?

Maxine: I don't have any tattoos. I have a nose ring. I have my three piercings in my ears, and then I have my regular lobes pierced, but I don't wear earrings ever. And then I have my nipples pierced. And most of my piercings are opal, cause I like opal.

Zakiya: OK Maxine why are we the same fucking person?

Maxine: Cause I love you already, I know we're gonna be the best of friends.

Zakiya: Honestly.

Maxine: I also have like a uniform.

Zakiya: What's your uniform?

Maxine: Some compression socks, knee high, some booty shorts and then a tiny little crop top.

Zakiya: Ooh sexy. That is also something I would wear too. Okay. I guess I'm calling myself sexy, like you're sexy. You remind me of me. Therefore, I'm sexy. Um, so we already know that your type is handsome. As your brother said. So of Sabo, Sasha, and Charlie. Who do you think is the hottest? If you had to guess.

Maxine: I'm gonna say Sabo. And then Charlie sounds just like my terrible ex-boyfriend’s even worse roommate.


Maxine: So I do kind of just like picture him when I hear Charlie's voice.

Zakiya: For better or worse?

Maxine: I mean he wasn't like a terrible looking dude. He was just a human nightmare. but they sound pretty similar so I kind of see just like a pretty standard tall white guy, blond. Someone named Charlie. And then Sasha…

Sasha: If you want me to run down a list I got you. Kathy Griffin, she’s really funny. Lisa Lampanelli, she’s hella funny.

I feel like she's black and I think she's probably a little more like Butch if I had to guess.

Zakiya: Okay okay so based off of those…

Maxine: I can't wait like play this back when I'm looking at them.

Zakiya: I know me too! Are there any particular traits or features that you're just not down with? Like, is there a look that would put someone immediately in the friend zone arena?

Maxine: I'm not a fashionable person. So my tolerance for like the way other people are dressed, like I don't usually care. So if I cared about the way you're dressed it's probably like you're making me uncomfortable, like a big swastika t-shirt or something.

Zakiya: Right yeah we're drawing a hard line at Nazis.

Maxine: Yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't really have a lot of like hard, like I don't have like a height limit, you know. I'm not, I don't really like a body type that’s like specific that I really give a shit about. It's like if I'm attracted to you, then we can go. And you're attracted to me. This is a high consent situation. There's so many, like, crazy, insane, beauty standards that a lot of the times when people like aren't ready to meet them they're so insecure. And that makes them try way harder in bed. So there's whole shame around like men, you know, a height thing, for example, but it's like, so I don't give a shit about that. But when you fuck a short guy, he has been thinking about it like his entire life. He's been like conditioned to be like, oh my God, my height, you know so it’s like, I don't care, but you care and that means you eat pussy way better than like other people most of the time.

Zakiya: It's true, short guys eat pussy more often and better than tall guys. This is science, this is fact.

Maxine: If there's something about you that's going on. That like society has shamed before. Like you're probably going to work harder in bed and I am down to experience that.

Zakiya: Yeah just because someone's super hot doesn't always mean it's going to get hot in the bedroom. So you're also going to be trying to figure out if you're sexually compatible with the Callers, you know, do they like what you like, can they turn you on? Okay. So yeah , let's dig into it. I want to hear about specifically what you're into, so do you prefer to initiate touch or do you prefer someone else to initiate touch?

Maxine: I have been the initiator as many times as I have like accepted initiation.

Zakiya: If someone were to initiate it on you like what is the move that'll flood your basement, you know? You know what I mean? Like oh it’s hot and poppin.

Maxine: That will flood my basement. I don't know. I think a good like solid kiss is good cause then we can kind of gauge what the chemistry is there cause sometimes someone kisses you and it's awful. And sometimes someone kisses you and it's like, “Okay let's do it.” So I think it’s a vibe thing, you know?

Zakiya: So, what's the best sex you've ever had? Tell me that story. If you feel comfortable.

Maxine: I was 19. We met at a house party and then we exchanged numbers. He was like the guy that had the drugs. And then I was like, let's go back to your apartment and hang, so we get back there and there's like, no TV, no laptop. Just like a single bed in his room and like, some plastic drawers, and then a box of Magnums. The bottom line is, I was already here I’m gonna fuck this guy and then I remember when I came, I was like, I stopped being in my body and I stopped being able to see for like 30 seconds, everything went white, and like what I came back, I just I couldn't stop laughing and I was like that was outstanding like I'm going to let you ruin my life for a little while. And he did. He's the reason I moved to Virginia.

Zakiya: Damn, wow. The dick was that good? You moved.

Maxine: I had to get away from it.

Zakiya: You moved from the spiritual plane. This physical plane and to a whole other state. Wow.

Maxine: So then guy after that I was like we were like really in love. We used to just have like really amazing sex. Like I feel like that was it was more than just like the seeing white and the like kind of just like more physical enjoyment of it. It was like very emotional too, and I really appreciated. And he was like first person that I dated that we had like a super open and honest communicative, you know, like sex wasn't just like an activity we did, it was like an activity that we like discussed, and it like meant a lot to us and like as a result like it was just like way more intimate and exciting and thrilling like every single time.

Zakiya: Emotional vulnerability is important to having good sex. It sounds like is what I'm hearing you say.

Maxine: I think so. Yeah, I don't think I can really like consistently have good sex with someone that I don't like.

Zakiya: Right. So what could someone say that would mean they definitely get the hang up in the Star 69 date?

Maxine: I'm obviously very open and I'm, if someone's like just not down to have a conversation like about sex or they're just like this is the way I do it and that's the way it goes, that would be a hard pass. Cause like sex is different with every partner.

Zakiya: Yeah.

Maxine: As long as someone's kind of like down to do the learning of each other, like I'm down to do the exploring.

Zakiya: Maxine, have so much fun on these dates and I hope your basement gets flooded over and over and over again.

Maxine: Thanks from me and my basement.

Zakiya: After the break… grab your galoshes! We’ll hear Sabo, Charlie, and Sasha do their best to turn Maxine *on*. Stay *on* the line!

Zakiya: Hey y’all, we’re back. And just in time to hear how the Callers are doing on their most intimate date yet.

First up, Sabo.

Maxine: What do you think I look like? Please.

Sabo: Okay for some reason. I feel like you have red hair.

Maxine: Red hair.

Sabo: That's just like a vibe I'm getting. I’m gonna guess like 5'7" I feel like. I bet you wear Doc Martens. That's just like bartending and like I feel like a Richmond thing to do.

Maxine: I don't wear Doc Martens, I work with a lot of girls that look like the girl that you're describing, but she's like not quite me.

Sabo: Right.

Maxine: So what I think you look like. Part of me feels like you're a person of color, and then the other part of me thinks you're white, I think a little more person of color than white but I'm not sure even right now saying it, I don't know. I am having trouble nailing that down because like, I feel like I'm 70% on you being like, maybe I, maybe like 62%. No, alright now I'm getting insecure.

Sabo: Well we certainly have something in common and I'm kinda geeking at you even trying to put it to a percentage about the race thing because I too am biracial so I guess there's a poem in there somewhere for like “Yo 30 percent white, 50 percent pink.” But to your comment on you having a hard time about figuring out where I was gonna lie on the spectrum. I think it just speaks to the fact I'm nonbinary and like pretty androgynous in general so there's like that whole energy I guess is coming through on the phone so that's cool.

Maxine: I think that you sound cool. Something that Marcus and I both agreed on.

Sabo: That's sweet, nice.

Maxine: OK now that we've talked a little about my brother, I'd like to switch over to sex things.

Sabo: Jesus Christ.

Maxine: I couldn't think of a better segue than to just barrel through it.

Sabo: You killed that, let’s do it.

Maxine: Thanks.. Can you tell me about one of the best sexual experiences you've ever had?

Sabo: I was gonna ask you about your fantasy. Or I guess you said the best sexual experience of my life. Wow.

Maxine: Okay, tell me about your fantasy today.

Sabo: My fantasy today? Okay. All right. Fantasy today is, it's like what, 6 o'clock? Alright cool. The fantasy of today would be like sometime around 8 o'clock there's an agreement to meet somewhere, at some restaurant, where both parties know we're about to role play. If we both are like yo let's continue on this date, what's part two looking like? I'm like oh no problem right this way we go dancing. The DJ would actually listen to one of my requests. And the dance song I would put on, you know Ginuwine's "My Pony" is playing. All the sudden there's some grinding going on, you know it's just a good ol' time. We're eating we're laughing we're loving we're drinking and then like doing all that good stuff and then it's like where are we going to next? All of the sudden there's a balcony oh my god let's go on this balcony. There's ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, there's a view, there's the ocean in the background, you know Rihanna is on the balcony next door and she waves and we're like "What are you naming the baby?" and she says "Malcolm X" and we're like "oh my god" but we don't tell anyone because we're not about that, we're focused on us. Then there's like showers and they're not the regular shower but maybe like the rainfall kinda shower where it comes from three different angles. Maybe there's a nighttime walk later. There's a dog, you know? That's what I'm thinking right now.

Maxine: Was that just off the top of your head?

Sabo: Yes.

Maxine: That's very fun. You're very fun. I liked that a lot.

Sabo: Yeah OK. Take me to your fantasy as you know it today.

Maxine: Oh man OK. I'm kind of tired right now, honestly so it would probably like a little slower. Maybe just like a nice slow rub down today, that'd be really sick, soft music in the background, order some takeout, smoke a little pot.

Sabo: Wait takeout from where though? Take me there.

Maxine: I like to get crab rangoon, chicken on a stick, teriyaki, they do it right over there. A big thing of lo mein. And then the sweet and sour chicken. And I also have a very big bed and I'm gross so I eat in here. So I think it's fun to just be gross together, you know what I mean? Like lay out all the food. Get naked. Do the massages. Get into some foodstuffs. Smoke, fuck. All the things. Just like all slow and no time limit, tomorrow's my day off. So it's not like I have to go to bed early or set an alarm in the morning. There’s just like space and freedom.

Sabo: No celebrity guest appearances. I'm a little disappointed.

Maxine: I'm sorry, we stayed in my apartment so I feel like a celebrity guest appearance would have been a little over-the-top. A little like copycat-ish, you know? I'm trying to build my own brand over here.

Sabo: I love that for you.

Maxine: Thank you.

Sabo: Wait, wait, wait, what was the second part of your question? Now I forget it is the fantasy and then, what was the best?

Maxine: What was one of the best sexual experiences you've ever had?

Sabo: There was like at some rooftop kind of like situation just like looking out on the ocean, looking in each other's eyes, having a good ol time, and at the end of it is like you get home, it just got rowdy. There was a lot of wrestling, it all starts in good fun and then it becomes very serious. And then it just becomes very sexy. You know how queer sex is, it just went on for days type thing, it went on for just like, we're just enjoying the playfulness of it all. I think that's as much as I can really give on this platform about that night.

Maxine: I love to wrestle.

Sabo: Yo, let's fight. What’s one of yours?

Maxine: So there was one specific time. I can remember, I was seeing someone pretty briefly I think it only went on for like a couple months, and they were like, very toxic and it was not great, but as is with those relationships, the sex was pretty fun. So it was the first time anyone has spit in my mouth.

Sabo: Ooh Maxine.

Maxine: Yeah. So we were getting into it and having a good time, doing the whole thing, the whole dirty talk and being really filthy with each other. And I told them to spit in my face and they did and then they responded by putting their fingers in my mouth and like, hooking my jaw open and then spitting directly into my mouth. And I just like, I thought about it for weeks and like, every time I thought about it, like I was like, back in the space all over again, all wet and away in my own thoughts.

Sabo: Make spitting hot again. I was so not like on that shit but the way you just described that, OK I can get back in that arena. Wow.

Maxine: I would… Again, whatever you're comfortable with but it was a very good time. Okay, what do you think is the point of sex?

Sabo: What's the point? Shit what's the point of anything? Love and forgiveness, having a good time.

Maxine: Yeah it's not like a...there's no like, right answer.

Sabo: Yeah, I feel like ever since I identified that I'm not trying to date on an escalator anymore like sex also became a part of we're not putting coins in to get something out at the end of it. If it just feels right between two people and this kind of way like let's explore that. But it's not necessarily pointing us in another new direction just cause we did it or just cause we don't do it.

Maxine: Okay.

Sabo: I'm curious about your answer to that too though cause I think it kinda sheds light on the whole like attitude towards sex, so yeah however you wanna take that.

Maxine: What do I think the point of sex is?

Sabo: Yeah.

Maxine: I think the point of sex is to just take it a little too far and to just like really maximize the potential weird experience that like we both decided to share in you know like if you're about to get naked with another person... and I try to practice this. We both agree to like take off all our clothes and like touch each other. So like let's get weird with it, you know?

Sabo: You wild. And realistic. You wild and realistic.

Maxine: Thank you. I like that. I'm gonna put that on a crop top. When has a sexual experience taught you something?

Sabo: Ooh the first thing that came to mind, it might sound a little sad, but like it's taught me that I am lovable. Like in those moments before or after when someone's like fucking holding you, the way they like treat your body is just like, like I think I've had like some moments, some key moments I can look back on where it's just like holy fuck, dude. Like in this arena too where everyone's so naked and you can feel like whether you’re feeling gender or body dysmorphia like that day or in general to have a moment with someone where my body is being celebrated like holy shit. That's definitely a lesson felt and learned that I think I can point to a couple of times during sex or after sex or whenever the fuck.

Maxine: Hm. Sounds nice. I liked that.

Sabo: Have you learned like how hard you can punch?

Maxine: I don't know that about myself.

Sabo: Well geez wow that was enlightening, so enlightening.

Maxine: You're welcome.

Zakiya: Whew, I thought I knew Maxine pretty well but I just learned A LOT about her. I hope Marcus doesn’t listen to this.

Let’s see if Charlie’s able to keep the vibe going.

Maxine: Charlie. What do you think I look like?

Charlie: Huh. I want to make a joke here. No, no, no. I totally wanna make a joke here.

Maxine: Please do. Open with a joke.

Charlie: I was gonna say because you are such a big Harry Potter fan, I just imagine you being a sexy Hermione Granger. At least that's what I’d want. I'm not super in Harry Potter, but...

Maxine: You're not super into Harry Potter but you already got it all figured out which character you would fuck.

Charlie: Yeah I locked that in. Oh 100 percent.

Maxine: If we enter a long-term sexual relationship are you going to try to make me dress up with Emma Watson from the Harry Potter movies? As Hermione.

Charlie: I would make you dress up as Ron Weasley and I’ll dress up as Hermione, how about that?

Maxine: That was a good save. That was a very good save.

Charlie: Yep. So hit me, what do you look like?

Maxine: My teeth are crooked and you're a dentist. How do you feel about that?

Charlie: That is a fixable problem is what we call it in the biz. That is a fixable problem. Yeah. Good try. So you said...

Maxine: Are you also taking notes?

Charlie: No. So I thought this is going to be kind of weird. So what I decided to do was I made a bingo board of things that I think people would say and/or bring up. And so I just crossed out one thing. Believe it or not. I'm not saying your goal is to try to get me bingo, but if you get me to bingo oh that'd be so hot. What do you think I look like?

Maxine: I think that you're like, a pretty standard looking white guy. Somewhere between 5'8" and 6’1”. No, I'm gonna go down to like 5'6". And then I'm thinking like, like sandy blond hair.

Charlie: OK so, I am not white.

Maxine: Oh boy.

Charlie: I'm Asian. Yeah. Yeah no yeah, for sureskis.

Maxine: That's a fun surprise.

Charlie: Yeah when you said just the most basic white boy, I was like damn.

Maxine: That's come up more than once in my little notes so that's such a fun turn of events, I’m so thrilled about that. OK, please continue tell me everything.

Charlie: So I am 5’9” and a half.

Maxine: Frankly since you're a man telling me you're 5’9”. I'm expecting you to be 5’7”.

Charlie: Oh you cut two inches irregardless.

Maxine: Yeah just automatically until proven otherwise.

Charlie: If I say 5’7” are you gonna drop me to 5’5”?

Maxine: I have a measuring tape in my apartment.

Charlie: OK, good. So we’ll hash that out when we get there. And you can go ahead and give me the boot if I’m anything under 5’7”, how about that?

Maxine: OK. How do you feel about talking about sex?

Charlie: Let's talk about sex baby. I am so about it, I think this is a great talk to have, just because it would be important to know what you like and don't like and how we kind of move forward with this.

Maxine: Okay, yeah. What do you think is the point of sex?

Charlie: Yeah so the obvious one is babies, but also it's fun, it's a way to connect, it's intimacy, it's a stress reliever. I mean, there are only a handful of animals in the animal kingdom that have sex for funsies and we are one of them.

Maxine: Okay. Right on. Yeah dolphins and then, like apes and monkeys right?

Charlie: Yeah you are correct. They like to smack that ass like a drum. For sureskis.

Maxine: Is that something you like to do?

Charlie: Yeah, I mean I just go with the flow and I do I like to when I'm in the rhythm, hit it a couple times.

Maxine: I feel like that brings me to my next question which is on the scale of like one being vanilla and then ten being like superfreak, where do you feel like you're at?

Charlie: What do you think a five is for you?

Maxine: An average activity would be like you like had probably sex in a car in public.

Charlie: Yeah so I'm past that for sureskis. I've said that a lot. That is a word that I get nervous and I say, I'm sorry.

Maxine: For sureskis?

Charlie: I've done that. For sureskis. In my mind, I feel like I'm like 8, 8 out of 10. I mean, I did some really exploratory stuff in college, but who didn't? You know, that's what that's for. How about you?

Maxine: I’m gonna go with seven and a half.

Charlie: Really, you're going to tuck right under me? That's what you're going to do?

Maxine: Yeah that was a good move, right? I'm pretty proud of it.

Charlie: Oh man. Sneaky sneaky. OK. Toys. Hm? Yeah?

Maxine: I like, I guess I like to put toys in other people. How do you feel about that?

Charlie: You said into other people?

Maxine: Yes.

Charlie: Actually, I did, I did somewhat enjoy it last time. Um not against it. I'm here for it. I don't have the most experience when it comes to that. I feel like, okay, can we back pedal? I'm like a four out of ten now. Yeah, I need you to be back on to here, 7 and a half and 4 out of ten. It's a sliding scale. Okay, this is a good one, what's the sexiest tattoo that you can think of for someone to have?

Maxine: I don't know that there's like a sexy, I don't have any tattoos, that's why I'm struggling so much. Do you have any tattoos? Do you have a very sexy tattoo that you want to tell me about?

Charlie: I do not have any tattoos. I did hook up with this girl one time that had, like a Simba tattoo on her pelvis. Like right, right above the vulva, kind of area and it was Rafiki's drawing of it, like the cave drawing of it. And that one is always stuck out to me and every single time I would just be staring at it. Rafiki's drawing on someone's pelvis while you're inside of her is like wild. Who knew that was important to me OK? Leave me alone.

Maxine: Respect that's a special you thing. It's going in my notes. Okay. I have I think so… Is there anything else? What else is on the Bingo Board, what's left?

Charlie: We are so close. We are so close. I just oh my God. Just get me there. Just get me there, there's like three possible bingos here.

Maxine: I think you should just tell it to me.

Charlie: I also had masturbation question mark. I didn't know where that was going to go. So I think I just left it where if someone mentioned masturbation that was going to get checked out.

Maxine: Have you masturbated today?

Charlie: I have not. Probably going to do it later though. Before I go to bed. Have you?

Maxine: I've masturbated three times today.

Charlie: Yep I would say you have a medium to low sex drive if anything. But yes you have officially gotten a bingo. Congrats.

Maxine: Sweet, feels like I’ve earned it.

Charlie: You really earned it. So you can just hang up and go masturbate a little bit more, maybe watch a movie or show or something, and then call it a night, and then that's a solid day for you, probably, right?

Maxine: If you add smoking weed to that then yes, that is certainly the rest of my evening. I feel like you don't smoke weed.

Charlie: I do smoke weed.

Maxine: You do smoke weed. Okay. Good to know.

Charlie: I'm just super out of what you imagine, aren't I? like, You know, honestly. I think people think I look really strait-laced or I I have a very strait-laced kind of vibe to me.

Maxine: But inside you're really a 4 out of 10.

Charlie: But I got layers. I’m like Shrek or onions, or cakes. Your boy's got layers. You just gotta peel em back.

Maxine: Alright.

Charlie: But okay, go enjoy your weed and a wank.

Maxine: Yep that's what I call it. Bye Charlie

Charlie: Bye.

Zakiya: So according to Charlie… the point of sex is…. the circle of life.

Let’s see if Sasha agrees.

Sasha: Do you want to start?

Maxine: With what I think you look like?

Sasha: Yeah go ahead.

Maxine: OK so I'm imagining a masculine presenting black woman, like attractive. I'm thinking that you have maybe like… I'm thinking that your hair's probably like short but it's very well kept, like if your hair's like very short you got like a fresh cut or if it's like if it's longer, if you have like locks or something they're like well maintenanced, that's my opinion. And then I'm thinking that you're like either kind of short or like very tall but you're not like average size. This is how I'm feeling. It feels so weird to just tell another person about what you think of them sight unseen.

Sasha: Wow, it is but yo you fucking nailed it.

Maxine: Yes oh my gosh, I'm so psyched right now, this is so thrilling. I thought I was doing a bad job.

Sasha: No, I am, like, wow. I'm so thrown. Holy shit you pegged it, you got me. I'm actually 5'4" though, so.

Maxine: Oh that's actually average height so I was wrong.

Sasha: But I do, I guess I'll tell you what I look like. I am a masculine presenting black woman. But pretty face, you know? And I do have a fresh cut. You nailed it. I guess now here's my turn to nail it or fail.

Maxine: Yeah tell me about myself.

Sasha: Ooh I imagine that you are a tall, brown skinned, pretty fit lady with either really big curly hair or maybe just like well maintained sort of protective style. I don't know. Probably Hispanic. I imagine you either have big breasts or a fat ass.

Maxine: OK so we've done the physical descriptor, I killed it.

Sasha: Yes you did.

Sasha: So now we do the sexy part? Yeah Maxine what turns you on?

Maxine: Yeah. Okay. Okay I like I think to get like a little bit rougher for sure I like biting and slapping and choking and hair pulling. I can do like either submissive or more dominant but like I you know I think it's just kind of situational. How do you feel? Do you think you're more submissive or dominant?

Sasha: I'm definitely like my fantasy life. I would like to think I am submissive, but in a way that I'm a giver. So yeah, I like to be told what to do.

Maxine: Okay.

Sasha: Make me your bitch.

Maxine: Okay.

Sasha: Yeah.

Maxine: How do you feel about like toys?

Sasha: I'm toy positive. You?

Maxine: I am down for toys but I'm more down to put toys in other people.

Sasha: Oh. Do you strap it on or what?

Maxine: Yeah or you know however you'll take it.

Sasha: That's fucking hot.

Maxine: It sounds like you'll take it any way I want it. So like, I mean, I don't, I don't foresee a real problem here.

Sasha: No worries just don't put it in my butt.

Maxine: I feel the same way.

Sasha: I just like, I got shit from women one night in particular about it was just a discussion on eating groceries and I'm like I've never done it. I don't plan to, it's never been…

Maxine: You've never eaten ass?

Sasha: No and it's never been a discussion. Nobody's ever fucking complaining, they never said, “You know what Sasha? I really enjoyed that but I wish you would have ate my ass.”

Maxine: Complaining is weird but I just think you know you yeah I just think it's part of it.

Sasha: I definitely put things in people's butts. Just not my tongue. So like what's your favorite way to come?

Maxine: I really just need like some consistent rhythmic pressure on my clitoris and/or some form of penetration is like, definitely a bonus.

Sasha: You watch porn?

Maxine: I don't.

Sasha: No, what do you masturbate to?

Maxine: I like to use my imagination.

Sasha: Of like past experiences or just like, making shit up?

Maxine: Not usually, yeah I don't know, it just gets weird in there and I just enjoy it, you know?

Sasha: Yo, ah shit. OK, I gotchu. No I dig that. I think we're turning out to be pretty sexually compatible. I think maybe I should tell you my favorite way to come.

Maxine: Okay. Yeah.

Sasha: I like to get head. Like straight up just like straight on the clit just like, I like a full mouth sorta deal. I think it's something about like the warm wetness. Soft tongues. That sort of thing. What about you? Are you— Can you squirt? That's a good question. Can you squirt?

Maxine: I've never squirted.

Sasha: Sounds like a challenge. Or no?

Maxine: It's not, I don't know. It's not something that's happened before, and I feel like every new partner is like, “oh it's me, it's going to be me,” and it's like that's some pressure.

Sasha: Yeah I was gonna say that's a lot of pressure to put on somebody. If it happens it happens but I'm not gonna say that I wouldn't try. Anything else you want to know about me?

Maxine: I feel like, you know, this is been, I think we're probably pretty good. Thank you for your openness. I appreciate it.

Sasha: No doubt. Same for you. Like, yeah, wasn't expecting to go like this.

I think we can all agree that it’s time to take a quick break. When we come back, it’ll be on the Hang Up Hotline.

Robot voice: Welcome to the Hang Up Hotline. Our star Maxine and all Callers are already on the line. To enter, please say the password.

Zakiya: Weed and a wank.

Robot voice: You may enter.

Zakiya: Alright Callers, we're all back together here on the Hang Up Hotline. So on your last date, you got to see if y'all would be sexually compatible and also physically attracted to each other. So it sounds like y'all's relationships are a work in progress and you're still learning a lot about each other. But unfortunately, for one of you, this is your last time, this is your last time on the line with Maxine.

Charlie: You getting choked up?

Zakiya: I'm so sad to say goodbye. I've just grown so close to all of you.

Charlie: Single teardrop.

Zakiya: No let me take that line again. Unfortunately, for one of you, this is your last time on the line with Maxine. Your call will end here with a hang up. So Maxine, have you made your decision?

Maxine: I have.

Zakiya: I know you really like each of the callers who are on the line right now which means this must be a really difficult choice for you. So what are some of the things that you were weighing in this decision?

Maxine: I just want to say real quick, thank you all for getting weird with me. That being said, we have this kind of awkward assignment that we're supposed to get down to. There's not really like a right or wrong answer for, it's just going to be a little weird and we just have to get through it together. So I just tried to look kind of focus on like who I laughed with the most consistently and like, who it felt just kind of easier to have this conversation with.

Zakiya: Okay, well, all that said, Maxine, which Caller are you choosing to hang up on?

Maxine: The caller I have decided to hang up on is Sasha.

Sasha: Aw man. I knew it. It's all good though.

Zakiya: Sasha you were in the final three. So what's it like to be so close and get the hang up now?

Sasha: Um kinda like you've been dating somebody for a couple months and then you guys, get sexual and then she dumps you. I kinda felt it coming. Got a little awkward. But if you want to get technical about it, it's all up to her, anyways. I'm just playing the game.

Zakiya: Well you said it was all up to Maxine but, you know, the Callers at the end, do get a choice. So if you had won, would you have taken the vacation with Maxine or the cash prize?

Sasha: I still would have taken the vacation for sure. She's a cool girl. She's smart, funny. The last conversation she's apparently my type like, geez. I mean who wouldn't? But some part of me is thinking that maybe one of them is playing her. I don't know. It could all fall apart at the end.

Zakiya: So Sasha, what do you wish Maxine got to see from you or learn about you?

Sasha: I liked remained low key on these calls and tried to like play the long game, but maybe I should have played it fast and hard, I should have taken a couple more shots.

Maxine: Thank you Sasha for participating in this. I really appreciate like all your time and this has been cool and you seem very cool.

Sasha: Same. Bye Maxine. Maybe one day we'll cross paths and just know it's each other.

Zakiya: Okay, so Sabo and Charlie, you all are the final two. How do you feel?

Sabo: Damn that's wild. Affirming of just like alright the vibe is mutual, that's cool.

Charlie: I feel handsome again. On a weekly basis feeling handsome.

Sabo: There it is.

Zakiya: Did y'all think you would make it this far?

Sabo: You know, in the very beginning no, not at all in the very beginning, but as time has gone, it's been more like “OK, alright, I can see this happening.”

Charlie: I'm just awkward on the phone, I'll be honest. I'm just I'm just happy to be here.

Zakiya: Well I'm happy that you all are here too. And you have one more date left and the theme of this date is Three-Way.

Charlie: I mean OK yeah coming out of Star 69 with this shit.

Sabo: Jesus Christ

Zakiya: A hang up orgy. No so with Three-Way. All three of you-- Maxine, Sabo, and Charlie-- all y'all are gonna be on the line together with me and it's your last chance for each of you to find out what all of you need to make your decision. So after our next date, each Caller will 'lock in' their choice. Whether they will take the vacation with Maxine or take the cash prize. Then Maxine will decide who she will hang up on for the final time. And the winning caller's choice will be revealed. So each of you will get a chance to submit questions that you need answered before you make your decision and since I'm asking them, they'll be anonymous. So what do you need to know about Maxine that will help you decide? What does she want to know about you that will tip the scales one way or the other? This is your last chance so make sure you're putting everything on the hotline. So Sabo and Charlie, our final two Callers... we'll talk next week and stay on the line.

Caitlin: Hello. You’ve reached the Hang Up Voicemail. Leave a message at the .

Charlie: So what do I feel good about? Well it seems like consistently we're able to go long on conversations, talk for a bit. I mean our last conversation even though I was extremely kind of awkward throughout all of that, it's just in my head. What is still lacking? Essentially for this competition, we're doing something maybe for an hour each week on my end, it just seems not as impactful as I think a relationship should be.

Sabo: I think in terms of like what is going well like what's going good between me and Maxine. It's just easy, it's a very easygoing like rapport and I feel comfortable. As far as what's lacking is just I have no idea who this person is.

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