• Episode 1: Speed Dial

    Our Star Maxine is a 26 year old bartender in Richmond, Virginia looking for a date, preferably someone snarky who can match her humor and not someone who chews gum and loves Harry Potter.

    She now has six Callers who have one shot to make a first impression in a high stakes seven minute Speed Dial date. To pick her perfect match, she asks how they feel about roller coasters and Pitbull, their favorite Sean Paul song, and if they’ve ever been to therapy.

    And in the end, one Caller gets the hang up.


    Thank you to Freesound for many elements in this episode, including:

    "vibraslap_small01.wav" by soundbytez; https://freesound.org/s/99240/

    "WeddingBells1" by acclivity; https://freesound.org/s/23090/

    "Kisses" by dcaval1@towson.edu; https://freesound.org/s/70793/

    "Sugar Bag Busting.wav" by Marisca16; https://freesound.org/s/409024/

    "dial_tone_and_landline_dial.wav" by mshahen; https://freesound.org/s/185465/

    "redial_landline_5_rings.wav" by mshahen; https://freesound.org/s/185473/

    "Hawk/Eagle Cry (Distant)" by PRINCEofWORMS; https://freesound.org/s/571273

    "record_scratch_short.wav" by Halleck; https://freesound.org/s/29938

    "Please Leave Your Message After the Tone" by kwahmah02; https://freesound.org/s/274759